Cuban diplomat’s conduct in EU Parliament offers unwitting testimony on human rights in Cuba

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Cuban diplomat’s conduct in EU Parliament offers unwitting testimony on human rights in Cuba

Regime officials show their true selves in the European parliament
EU Parliament listening to human rights presentation today

Totalitarians have a specific playbook that doesn’t vary that borders on the neurotic. Those who dissent from building the ideological project of the totalitarian regime are to be destroyed. Destruction can be verbal but all too often physical as were the cases of Orlando Zapata Tamayo and Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas.

Today, while presenting a human rights report on Cuba at the European Parliament, one of Raul Castro’s diplomats sought to demonize and discredit me using the epithet of mercenary arguing that he had evidence that I was “paid to act against my homeland” and that he would distribute the evidence that I was receiving U.S. funds.

He did not address the substance of the  human rights report presented but sought to destroy the reputation and legitimacy of the author. The Cuban diplomat argued that “Cuba has presented on two occasions its country report to the United Nations Human Rights Council [during two Universal Periodic Reviews] working on implementing the recommendations approved by our country and added that “Cuba” does not recognize the European Parliament much less political groups neither the importance or competence to analyze the human rights situation of the members of the ALBA here present.” Not mentioned was the process by which they circumvented the spirit of the UPR and corrupted the process.

Cuban author and intellectual, Carlos Alberto Montaner in 2012 at the Miami Book Fair analyzed this practice of totalitarian regimes and the why behind this practice of character assassination. The objective is to destroy the messenger and avoid the ideas and content being discussed. That is precisely what happened today. However the Castro regime goes further demonizing two million Cubans in Miami regardless of ideological and philosophical differences that are normal in a free society and lump them all together under this destructive stereotype that has had an impact internationally. Carlos Alberto Montaner concluded that “Cuba is one of those states that seeks to destroy the collective image of their emigrants and the particular image of those people that they have decided are their enemies.”

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  1. I increasingly wonder why we still bother with the EU, the UN or any non-Cuban entity or person, regardless of their ostensible concern for human rights, justice or liberty (not that being Cuban guarantees integrity, either, as we know only too well). I mean, how much longer are we going to keep trying to get water from stones or blood from turnips? How much longer are we going to keep begging in vain? How many more times do we have to come up empty-handed or wind up disappointed or betrayed before we face reality in all its ugliness? The world does NOT care about Cuba’s tragedy, certainly not enough to do anything significant about it, and in many cases it’s not just not helping but it’s clearly part of the problem, as in complicit with the Castro totalitarian tyranny. What part of “We don’t really give a shit about you Cubans” do we not understand?

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