Fleeing dissident handed over to Cuba’s State Security by U.S. embassy officials may be a U.S. citizen

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Did U.S. Embassy officials in Havana hand over a U.S. citizen to be brutalized by Castro’s secret police?

United States embassy in Havana hands over fleeing former political prisoner to Castro’s police

Missing: Carlos Manuel Figueroa handed over by US officials to Castro’s police

On Wednesday, September 30, 2015  Carlos Manuel Figueroa, a former Cuban political prisoner released earlier this year, made news over social media beginning at 3:28 pm Ivan Hernandez Carrillo tweeted: “A man jumped the fence of the US embassy in Havana this morning with cries of Down With Raul!!!” A few minutes later thanks to Ivan the identity and fate of the man was made known: “the citizen was identified as Carlos Manuel Figueroa, who protection authorities handed over to police immediately.” Three hours later at 6:21pm the news took an ominous turn with the same Cuban journalist reporting that while in custody Carlos Manuel was beaten up by military. EFE news wire is reporting that the Cuban dissident is missing. The U.S. embassy is refusing to confirm what transpired citing security concerns.

The human rights situation in Cuba has been steadily deteriorating during the Obama administration with rising levels of violence and the extrajudicial execution of opposition leaders since 2009. 

Equally concerning is the claim made by Ivan Hernandez Carrillo over twitter that Carlos Manuel Figueroa is a U.S. citizen of Cuban origin.  The claim made by the Obama administration that human rights would be a priority with the new policy on Cuba would be laughable, if it were not so tragic.

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