#TodosMarchamos: More than 300 peaceful activists in Cuba violently arrested by Obama-backed Castro regime in 25th Sunday of repression

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For the 25th consecutive Sunday, the Obama-backed apartheid regime of the Castro brothers carried out an island-wide operation of violent repression arresting more than 300 peaceful human rights and democracy activists. Although violent repression has been on the rise in Cuba since President Obama reversed U.S. policy to one that embraces Cuba’s apartheid regime and abandons dissidents, yesterday proved to be one of the most violent episodes of oppression since the president’s dubious shift in policy.

The courageous activists took to the streets this past Sunday in support of political prisoners being held in Castro gulags and to peacefully demand their release. UNPACU, one of the opposition groups involved in yesterday’s peaceful protest marches, bravely announced their intention to march on Sunday earlier in the week. Nevertheless, although they were fully aware of the violent response they would receive from Cuban State Security, their members, the Ladies in White, and other peaceful activists bravely carried out their march.

UNPACU has released a list of all those arrested HERE.

Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter has the coverage of yesterday’s violence in Cuba:

More than 300 activists arrested today in Cuba, many violently assaulted by state security

25 Sundays of repression in Cuba

The #WeAllMarch (#TodosMarchamos) campaign today marked the 25th Sunday of repression in Cuba against nonviolent dissidents with an escalation in the numbers detained and violence by regime agents. The bloodied face of Yriade Hernandez Aguilera was spread across social media today and his testimony made available by the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU).

Yriade Hernandez Aguilera

Opposition mobilized today to draw attention to a continuing injustice that arose with the visit of Pope Francis to Cuba. Zaqueo Báez, María Josefa Acón and Ismael Bonet are the three dissidents who were arrested for approaching Pope Francis before his first Mass in Cuba and remain imprisoned three weeks later. The three are members of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) and are on hunger strike. Yesterday, UNPACU’s leader Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia announced that there movement would be protesting to demand the release of the three jailed activists and regime repression. Today that promise was carried out.

In addition UNPACU participated in various activities across the island. For example, in Havana, they joined with the Ladies In White (Damas De Blanco) as they gathered in Gandhi Park after Mass and began their peaceful march only to be attacked and detained by agents of the Castro regime. The march today was dedicated to the martyred founder of the Ladies in White, Laura Inés Pollán Toledo.

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  1. Imagine for a split second if instead of Cuba this had been a Central American country and if instead of Cuban dissidents, the beaten and arrested party had been Sandinistas and if instead of an Obama backed regime, this had been a Reagan backed so-called right-winged regime. The NYT’s, CNN, Newsweek, Time, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, etc… would reporting non-stop. Editorials and opinion pieces slamming the president would be incessant and not one performer would dare set foot on Cuban soil.

  2. It must be so gratifying and reassuring to Massah Castro to see that there are still plenty of good Negroes on his plantation. Vamos bien.

  3. Ray, you must put things in perspective, and I don’t mean ours. As far as the world is concerned, for all practical purposes, these dissidents are an aberrant and ungrateful minority of troublemakers, misfits and/or agents of the Miami “mafia” who deserve no particular attention, let alone support. The prevailing or implicit view is that, on balance, Cubans are better off under the “revolution” than they would have been without it. In other words, the little savages are fine the way they are, or well enough, and the world believes in leaving well enough alone.

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