Pablo Escobar hit man exposes what we already knew: Cuba’s drug-trafficking Castros

This is common knowledge we have known about for decades, but the U.S. Department of Justice has never done anything about it.

Via Australia’s Business Insider:

Pablo Escobar’s top hit man claims literary icon Gabriel Garcia Marquez worked with El Patron
John ‘Popeye’ Vasquez.

John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez, working as one of Pablo Escobar’s top hit men, killed at least 300 people and was implicated in the deaths of 3,000 more.

Velásquez, aka Popeye, was a key functionary in Escobar’s Medellin cartel. And, as he claimed in an interview earlier this month, his duties extended to meeting with Latin American luminaries and national leaders on behalf of the cartel.

Speaking with Puerto Rico’s Wapa TV, Popeye said that he hand-delivered letters from Escobar to Colombian literary icon Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who then passed the letters on to Fidel and Raul Castro.

“I am going to give you a key bit of information: The link between everyone [Escobar, Cuba and the US] is called Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Nobel Laureate,” Popeye said, according to Colombia Reports.

Raul Castro received cocaine on behalf of Pablo Escobar and Fidel was aware,” Popeye said in an interview with the Argentine outlet Todo Noticias. He added that Raul Castro was responsible for cocaine’s arrival in Miami.

The former hit man, released in 2014 after 23 years in jail in Colombia for terrorism and narcotrafficking, backed up his claim by describing his meeting with Garcia Marquez.

“I was in Mexico carrying a letter to the Nobel Laureate for Raul and Fidel Castro; a manuscript of Escobar’s,” Popeye said.

“When I got off the plane the Mexican police were waiting for me and took me to where ‘Gabo’ was signing autographs,” he continued, according to Colombia Reports. “He called me aside and said, ‘Popeye, where is the letter?’ and I gave it to him.”

In the message, Popeye told Todo Noticias, “Pablo Escobar was asking Fidel for a Russian submarine to carry the drug from Mexico to Havana, and with this submarine, to Miami.”

“That (Fidel) is not a world leader, he is a dictator and a bandit,” Popeye said, according to Clarín. “I was in Key West, I saw the drug.”

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3 thoughts on “Pablo Escobar hit man exposes what we already knew: Cuba’s drug-trafficking Castros”

  1. Imagine that. Who knew? And the repulsive, uh, Nobel laureate as “correveydile,” aka gopher or errand boy, too. And people wonder why we think he’s (much) lower than dirt. But never mind; this will be dismissed as just some criminal fabricating sensationalistic claims to get attention. As for the US government, it already KNOWS perfectly well that Cuba’s current despot was up to his eyeballs in drug trafficking, and evidently that’s not an issue.

  2. I’m going to admit that I have never read Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, so I can’t say if he is that good. My disgust for him doesn’t allow me to even get near anything that he wrote, however, I like to say that I’ve heard that fidel castro’s hefty influence [he has been credited by his obsequious admirers in the literary world of creating the Latin American boom] was instrumental in him being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

  3. Even if “Gabo” were morally passable, there is far too much great literature by other writers waiting to be read which I would put ahead of his work, and there simply wouldn’t be enough reading time in one lifetime to get to him. Considering that his conduct regarding Cuba was beyond despicable and utterly contemptible, regardless of whatever literary talent he had, there is no way I’d even consider doing him the honor of reading him, as I would find that unseemly and demeaning. As I said already, as a human being he was lower than dirt, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there are things we still don’t know about him which are even worse than what we do know.

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