2 thoughts on “Apartheid Cuba has become the last Coke in the desert”

  1. Even if it makes no real difference, Jagger has shown himself to be no better than the likes of Jay-Z, Conan O’Brien and Katy Perry. In other words, he’s just “uno del montón” in terms of standard celebrity behavior, though I had somehow deluded myself into thinking he was above that.

  2. We should hardly be surprised. It’s not just the entrenched, longstanding hypocrisy practiced by pretty much the whole world regarding Cuba, but also that these are celebrity types who are all about buzz, novelty, PR, marketing, image, fashion and so forth. Such people CANNOT be expected to behave better than any number of supposedly serious, knowledgeable, and responsible politicians, for instance, who have done considerably worse by Cuba. At least showbiz celebs are known to be shallow, self-centered and self-promoting, so they’re expected to jump on whatever the latest trend is until a new one displaces it, and “doing Cuba” is all the rage right now. There are worse offenders by far, and one of them even carries the official title of “Vicar of Christ.” Next to that, what someone like Sting does is pretty small potatoes.

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