Bernie Sanders–“Cubans never rose against Castro” (Really?–here’s a history lesson)


“In 1959 everybody was totally convinced that Fidel Castro was the worst guy in the world and all of the Cuban people were going to rise up in rebellion against Fidel Castro…They forgot that he educated their kids, gave their kids healthcare, totally transformed the society…..So they expected this tremendous uprising in Cuba, but it never came.” (Bernie Sanders)


Regarding Bernie Sanders’ imbecility about the Cuban uprising “that never came:”

In fact, the only genuinely popular rebellion and genuine guerrilla war in Cuba during the 20th Century was waged against the regime co-founded by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara…but JFK’s Missile crisis “victory,” pledged to the Soviets that the U.S. immediately pull the rug out from under Cuba’s valiant and desperate freedom-fighters.

To get an idea of the odds faced by those betrayed Cuban rebels, the desperation of their battle and the damage they wrought, you might revisit Tony Montana during the last 15 minutes of “Scarface.”



Brainstorming by America’s Best and Brightest: “Hey! I know! Let’s “nation-build” 8 thousand miles away at the places shown above!”


But heaven forbid we should try it 90 miles away at this place shown above.


Brainstorming by America’s Best and Brightest: “Hey! I know! Let’s lavish these “freedom-fighters!” 8 thousand miles away with arms and air cover!”

But these genuine freedom-fighters– who are fighting desperately 90 miles from our shores against a rabid and lifelong anti-American terrorist–let’s sell them down the river!

In fact, if Cuba’s anti-Castro rebels had gotten similar help from the U.S. as George Washington’s anti-British rebels got from France, some murderers and bandits named Fidel Castro and Che Guevara would get less Wikipedia space today than Pancho Villa. In fact, more French troops fought and died at Yorktown than did colonial rebels.

Raul Castro himself admitted (as documented in Enrique Encinosa’s invaluable book) that at the time of the Missile Crisis his troops and their Soviet advisors were up against 179 different “bands of bandits” as Castro labeled the thousands of Cuban anti-Communist rebels then battling savagely and virtually alone in Cuba’s countryside, with small arms shipments from their compatriots in south Florida as their only lifeline.

Kennedy’s Missile-Crisis deal with Khrushchev cut this lifeline. It’s a tribute to the power of Castroite mythology that even with all this information a matter of public record for almost half a century the academic/media mantra (gloat, actually) still has Castro,” defying ten U.S. Presidents!”

Instead Cuba’s owns sons were sandbagged by a U.S. President from “nation-building” in their own nation on America’s very doorstep—and where a free and prosperous nation that attracted waves of first-world immigrants had actually existed only years earlier.

Later U.S. Presidents sent hundreds of thousands of America’s sons across vast oceans to “nation-build” in places where “nation-building” had the same chance as a snowball in Hades.

All historical items above fully-documented in these books.

“Humberto Fontova’s book teaches us truths about Castro’s island that are very discomfiting for many intellectuals.” (Ana Botella, Spain’s former First Lady while giving a book reading in Madrid, upon “Fidel; HFT” release in Spain)

“Humberto’s book is a very valuable book-a book badly needed around the world.” (Former Chairwoman of the House Committee on Foreign Relations Ileana Ros-Lehtinen R. Fl)



3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders–“Cubans never rose against Castro” (Really?–here’s a history lesson)”

  1. At least Sanders comes by his obtuseness more honestly than, say, the New York Times or any number of Cuba “experts.” He’s basically a useful idiot, indulging in faux self-righteousness and the usual socialist fantasies.

  2. And btw, my only problem with Bernie Sanders is the same as with any number of atrociously poor politicians, including quite a few from his part of the country: that there could be enough voters to put such a character in national office and keep him in it. This obviously applies to Obama as well, meaning this is clearly a societal problem–a problem that smells more and more like decadence and decline.

  3. But still, what kind of people would vote to put someone like Bernie Sanders in Congress? Basically the same sort of people who’d vote for those willing to pose for cordial, smiling photos with a murderous totalitarian despot who hates this country. Such voters are not only dysfunctional but dangerous, and regardless of the consequences of their actions, they cannot be held accountable for screwing over other voters. This is the potentially fatal flaw of a democracy, because the majority of the people absolutely CAN be wrong.

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