Guillermo Fariñas prepares to go on 25th hunger strike to protest increased repression by Castro dynasty


Cuban dissident Guillermo “Coco” Fariñas says that “things have changed for the worse” in Cuba since last December,”because repression has increased” as a result of unilateral concessions granted to the Castro regime by the United States.  In an interview published by ABC Spain.  Fariñas also revealed that he has received “direct death threats from high officials of State Security,” and that such aggressive threats are something new, a result of President Obama’s embrace of the Castro regime.  Even worse, says Fariñas, these recent death threats come directly from the highest levels of the Castro regime.

According to Fariñas, neither Fidel nor Raul Castro are behind this new wave or repression.  The man who is “pulling all the strings” is none other than Raul’s son,  one-eyed General Alejandro Castro Espín, who has assumed de facto control of the Castro Kingdom as head of the Council for the Defense and Security of Cuba. “He is the one who gives all the orders, and the one who has power over all ambassadors.”

King Raul and heir apparent Prince Alejandro
King Raul and heir apparent Prince Alejandro

While Raul’s son runs internal security and international diplomacy and espionage, says Fariñas, the Cuban economy is controlled by Raul’s son-in-law, General Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Callejas, who presides over the military council that owns all enterprises on the island.  Tourism, mining, and all businesses in Cuba are in his hands, and all foreign corporations who want to do business with Cuba have to deal with him.

Heir Apparent’s Brothers-in-Law (LosCuñados) : Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Callejas (husband of sister Deborah) and Arturo Rodriguez Lopez-Callejas (brother of Alberto, now known in U.S. as Cuba “expert” and perennial Ph.D. candidate Arturo Lopez-Levy).
Prince Alejandro’s brothers-in-Law: Business Czar Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Callejas (husband of sister Princess Deborah) and Arturo Rodriguez Lopez-Callejas (brother of Alberto, now known in U.S. as Cuba “expert” and perennial Ph.D. candidate Arturo Lopez-Levy).

“They want to turn Cuba into some mixture of Putin’s Russia, Nasser’s Egypt, and China and Vietnam,” says Fariñas.  “They are advancing towards a form of state-run capitalism in which everything will be controlled by those in power or by their children,” perhaps with “some decorative person nominally in charge so no one can accuse them of being a dynasty.”  Despite all efforts to disguise the real facts with cosmetic de jure appointments, charges Fariñas, all de facto power remains in the hands of an absolutist dynasty.  Moreover, according to him, the United States has entrenched the power of this dynasty by turning a blind eye to its repressive tactics and by turning its back on all opponents of the Castro regime.


Fariñas –winner of the Sakharov Prize — also revealed that if repression continues to increase he will go on another hunger strike, even though his health is very frail.  A survivor of 24 previous hunger strikes, including one that lasted for 135 days in 2010,  Fariñas suffers from many ailments as a result of such heroic efforts, and has to take eleven different medications every day.

In this interview,  Fariñas also says that he and other dissidents are trying to unite all opponents of the Castro regime — on the island and abroad — and to create a single movement.

Read the whole interview HERE (in the hegemonic Castilian dialect, otherwise known as “Spanish”).

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  1. Obama et al., don’t care anymore. There’s no political fallout or consequences to be paid for their shameless actions. We are “those people,” marginalized, hated and uppity, and Cuba is a place for mojitos, old cars and cigars [how dare us try to stop Americans from vacationing in Cuba or using Cubans as cheap labor!].

    The castro’s don’t care either as is apparent from the shameless cavorting of the various princes and princesses that makeup that horrible dynasty. One day are staying at the Waldorf Astoria in NY and the next they’re in Istanbul, Turkey beating up the Turkish press with total impunity.

    You have to give fidel credit for one thing, at least he tried to keep up appearances. For instance, we didn’t know that he was married to that witch or that he had a brood of five ogres with her until relatively recently. Unlike the founder of the dynasty, the new generation don’t give a shit. They rub their wealth and power in your face like nothing.

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