The murder that delayed freedom in Cuba for another fifty years

By Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo in PanAm Post:

The Murder that Delayed Freedom in Cuba for Another 50 Years

Remembering the Shameful Killing of Ladies in White Founder Laura Pollán
Laura Pollán died at the hands of communist doctors and surrounded by Cuban agents.

October is a month of terror in Cuba. Socialist psychopaths are known to unleash hell when our fake, tropical Autumn arrives, usually resulting in real political casualties.

As early as October 1959, the Castro brothers disappeared Camilo Cienfuegos, a key leader of the Cuban revolution, along with his close allies. They then propped up Cienfuegos as a fallen hero who died in a plane accident, and yet, of course, they never showed us the plane or any other kind of evidence.

In October 1962, they planned to destroy the United States with Russian nuclear warheads secretly installed on the island. Fidel Castro’s desire to achieve more fame than Jesus led him to urge Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev to launch a “preemptive” attack against the United States from Cuba, and start a thermonuclear war.

When Khrushchev realized the sort of person he was dealing with, he replied: “While we understand your goal, your proposal is a mistake.”

Don’t let the walking canes fool you; over half a century later, the Castros continue to be the same criminal clan. They came into power killing, and they will leave power killing. Anyone who wants to understand the longevity of Cuban communism must be aware of their radical logic.

In October 2011, the Interior Ministry ordered the execution of literature teacher, and founder of the dissident group Ladies in White, Laura Pollán, who won the European Parliament’s 2005 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. The government never allowed her to leave Cuba to receive the award: they didn’t want the victim to get away in a random migration episode.

Less than a year later, another recipient of the Sakharov Prize, the pacifist leader of the Christian Liberation Movement, Oswaldo Payá, was murdered in cold blood.

It hurts to say this, but Laura Pollán died deceived by her own family, who were likely fooled too. Only god knows who among her “friends” and “colleagues” of the so-called Cuban civil society — Cuban intelligence’s greatest invention — gave her up.

I was in Havana at the time and witnessed everything, from the beginning to the morbid end. In September 2011, a mob assaulted her in front of her tiny house. A week later, her relatives admitted her to the inhospitable Calixto Garía Medical Center.

She remained conscious for a few hours, until the doctors decided to anesthetize her without her consent. Pollán’s family agreed to the procedure, either due to ignorance or complicity. The doctors intubated her to “prevent her from suffering,” and she never woke up again.

It was a medical execution, not so different from how the United States kills with a lethal injection.

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