Apartheid-loving tourists have their fun spoiled by an unruly drunk

Aaaah: Cayo Coco apartheid resort
Aaaah: Cayo Coco apartheid resort

Awwww. Poor lambs.

A plane full of British merry-makers who had just spent thousands of pounds on a Cuban holiday had their fun spoiled by an unruly drunken passenger.

The racist merry-makers had no qualms whatsoever about vacationing in an apartheid beach resort –where they enjoyed all sorts of pampering — but they found their unruly fellow passenger intolerable.

The plane turned around shortly after departing and dumped the drunken passenger at the Cayo Coco airport.

Aaaah.  The privilege of being superior.  Something like this happens and not a word needs to be  said about the unruly behavior of the old military men who run an apartheid tourist industry.

Aaaah: Noble savages must be so happy!
Aaaah: Noble savages must be so happy!

Not a word, no.  Instead the privilege of being superior to the natives is promoted by the tour agency as a key feature of Cayo Coco: ” with its soft, sparkling sands and clear blue waters, it’s certainly fit for royalty.”

Yes, your highness: “spend your days drinking cocktails on the white sandy beach, zip through tropical mangroves on a speedboat.”  Never mind that the natives have no cocktails and are forbidden to go near any kind of boat.

Aaaah.  So wonderful.  Imagine using words such as “fun,” “leisure,” and “a wonderful time” in connection with tours to the Third Reich or apartheid South Africa.

Aaaah: fit for royalty, indeed!
Aaaah: fit for savage royalty, indeed!

Drunk British woman is kicked off Thomas Cook flight from Cuba to Manchester after saying ‘I hope you crash’ in abusive runway rant

A drunk British passenger who allegedly shouted that she hoped the plane ‘crashed’ was removed from a flight bound for the UK.

The Thomas Cook flight TCX175 from Cuba ‘s Cayo Coco Airport to Manchester was taxiing to the runway when the pilot decided to return to the terminal and call the police.
It is believed she was then arrested by Cuban authorities.

She allegedly shouted ‘I hope you crash’ to shocked holidaymakers and cabin crew, reports The Manchester Evening News.

Speaking to the paper, one passenger on the flight, David Maddison-Lee, 50, said: ‘We had taken our seats and were just waiting. The plane was full and people were coming back from their family holidays.

‘A woman started cursing immediately, she was continually swearing and being abusive. She was very loud.’…

… A spokesperson for Thomas Cook told MailOnline Travel: ‘Safety is our highest priority and therefore the captain decided that the drunk and disruptive passenger had to leave the aircraft before take off.

We are a leisure airline carrying millions of passengers every year. These are people who have chosen to take their well-earned summer breaks with us and we want them to have a wonderful time. 

‘Therefore, under no circumstances will we allow a disruptive passenger to spoil the fun and experience on board of a Thomas Cook Airlines aircraft for the majority of the customers that fly with us.’

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  1. Carlos, make that “old PURPORTEDLY military men,” even if they’re more military than their totally bogus “general” of a commander-in-chief. As for Thomas Cook, well, what can one say that isn’t screamingly obvious? Still, it’s simply catering to an eager market, and where there’s a profitable enough market, there will ALWAYS be those willing to take its business.

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