Quote of the Day – Gloria Estefan will sing in Cuba only when it is free

Via People en Español, Cuban American singer Gloria Estefan on when she will visit and sing in Cuba (translation by Capitol Hill Cubans):


“I’ll go to Cuba when it’s truly free, and not just open to foreigners, to celebrate with the Cuban people a new beginning.”

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Gloria Estefan will sing in Cuba only when it is free”

  1. Too bad that Obama, whom she played footsie with, has dimmed the prospect of freedom for Cuba considerably. He would have done the same thing anyway, but she could have saved herself the disgrace. Maybe she foolishly talked herself into thinking that it could do some good, or maybe she simply went along with the husband, who strikes me as an operator and then some, but obviously it was a bad move. As for her singing in Cuba under Castro, Inc., the regime would only allow it if it was done on its terms, meaning if it could gain from it (same as the papal visits), so yeah, she’d damn better refuse to fall into that trap and wind up looking even worse. We’ve already had one worthless “concert for peace” in Havana; we don’t need any more.

  2. Well, at least she said this. Let’s at least applaud her for saying it.
    In the musical about her, On Your Feet, currently playing on Broadway, she includes the song Cuba Libre which has lyrics talking about her longing for Cuba to be free.

  3. I recognize that anybody in the arts or the entertainment business, same as for academia, is in a difficult situation in terms of shooting straight when it comes to Cuba, certainly more difficult than my situation. I expect that Gloria is more sincere in that respect than her husband, who seems highly PR-conscious and may well have a controlling influence on her. Obviously I approve of her taking this position, but by now I’m too jaded by too many disappointments to take much of anything at face value. There’s been way too much infra dig behavior by too many Cubans, and given the already monumental disgrace of having our country go down the toilet, we really, REALLY should never even appear to be part of the problem, even if we’re not part of the solution.

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