Pity Che Guevara, the asthmatic


Our good friend Rick Robinson at PJ Media:

Pity Che Guevara, the asthmatic

Just like black, peg-leg jeans on new-age hipsters, Che Guevara never goes out of style for left-wingers.

It’s hard to understand the hero worship of a man who summarily killed thousands of Cubans following the ascension of Fidel Castro to power. Che pushed an agenda for people (especially youth) to put aside individualism and to think and act as a collective mass. Those who refused to conform were placed in concentration camps or killed.

But today, from red tee shirts emblazoned with his image to bearded plush dolls, the Butcher of La Cabana is placed on a pedestal by the left as a symbol for individualism and revolution.

This month lovers of freedom and liberty celebrated the anniversary of Che’s cowardly death in a Bolivian jungle. One would think American media would mark the milestone by chronicling Che’s murderous reign and imploring civilized society from ever letting such pure evil run amok again.

Time magazine did commemorate the day. But not quite how most would expect.

Time published an article titled – wait for it – “How Che Guevara Didn’t Let Asthma Affect His Ambition.”

For a brief moment I thought National Lampoon was back in business with a Time magazine parody.

Remarkably, however, the article wasn’t satire. It chronicles how a young genocidal-maniac-to-be overcame a lifetime of health issues to be remembered in history as one of the great mass murders of our time.

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