A great night for “los cubanos”

The GOP debate will be remembered for two things:

the arrogant moderators, specially John Harwood who should have told the audience that he is in the tank for the Democrats; and,

the amazing performance of Senator Rubio and Senator Cruz.

Before I go, let me add that Governor Christie also had a good night.  Frankly, all of the candidates did well but the two Cuban Americans brought their A-game to the stage.

Senator Rubio once again demonstrated that he is very good on his feet and prepares himself for the “gotcha” questions.  Rubio knew that the moderators would bring up the Sun Sentinel editorial and had a response ready.

Senator Cruz set the tone with an attack on the moderators.  His remarks united the candidates and showed the GOP that you don’t have to take crap from people who are Democrats dressed up as journalists.  It was “….an ‘Encyclopedic Example of Liberal Media Bias“!

Great night for the GOP and specially a couple of “cubanos” who made us proud.

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