Despite Obama’s loving embrace of the apartheid Castro dictatorship, UN sides with Cuba over U.S.

Obama’s loving embrace of Cuba’s viciously repressive apartheid dictatorship goes unrecognized at the United Nations.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Despite Obama’s Concessions, United Nations Backs Castro

Yesterday, the Castro regime presented its annual resolution at the United Nations’ General Assembly (“UNGA”) condemning the United States’ bilateral sanctions toward Cuba.

It prevailed 191-2, with Israel standing by the U.S.’s side.

In the run-up to yesterday’s vote, the media kept focusing on two issues:

1. Whether there would be any sort of “good-will” gesture by the Castro regime in light of the Obama Administration’s unilateral efforts to ease sanctions and normalize relations.

Predictably, there was not.

2. Whether the Obama Administration would abstain from defending the law of the United States.

To its credit, it ultimately did.

But there is another fundamental issue no one has raised:

3. Why didn’t any of the U.S.’s democratic allies at least recognize — by abstaining — the Obama Administration’s unilateral efforts to establish diplomatic relations, ease sanctions and normalize relations with Cuba’s regime?

After all, the Obama Administration’s most passionate argument for its new policy was that it would encourage our allies to join U.S. efforts to promote human rights and democracy in Cuba.

Yet, since December 17th, 2014, despite the shower of foreign dignitaries, celebrities, Members of the U.S. Congress and even a Pope, who have descended upon Havana — not a single one of them has courageously called for the freedom of the Cuban people.

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2 thoughts on “Despite Obama’s loving embrace of the apartheid Castro dictatorship, UN sides with Cuba over U.S.”

  1. Fidel never had any class, but at this stage he could conceivably be excused for such a ridiculous get-up to greet a foreign head of state on the basis of senility. However, there are plenty of people around him who should have known better than to let him make such a “papelazo,” and the fact they didn’t make him more presentable means THEY have no class, either. I mean, he looks like a frigging demented homeless person. Talk about embarrassing. Sheesh.

  2. I’m sorry, but this kind of outrageous “esperpento” packaging is just too much to be just gross negligence, unless Nosferatu’s minders are all deranged. Is it possible that they’re deliberately making or letting the old monster look bad? I mean, he’s obviously NOT presentable, and yet they’re letting him be seen and photographed like this knowing it will be made public. Maybe his witch of a wife is so used to her own hideous appearance that she’s lost all sense proportion, but what about the rest of them?

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