Canadian tourists vacation in apartheid Cuba, get a chance to see the island like a native

A Canadian couple decided to vacation in apartheid Cuba so they can frolic in the Caribbean while being waited on hand and foot by enslaved natives. All was going well until the very end when Cuba’s totalitarian dictatorship gave them the opportunity to experience Cuba like a native.

Via Global News:

Canadians held ‘hostage’ in Cuban hotel room after damage to room


TORONTO — Two Canadian tourists say they were virtually held hostage in their Cayo Coco, Cuba hotel room because their credit cards couldn’t be accessed to pay $400 in room damages.

“I could not sleep at night knowing any other tourist would go through this,” said Katharine Foran, 26, of Vancouver, who just returned to Canada.

Foran and her partner, Adam Babuik, 30, also of Vancouver, say they ran into trouble before checkout at the Hotel Playa Coco.

Admitting they damaged a wall and broke a light bulb inside their room, they were ordered to pay the hotel for damages. They say they agreed.

Foran says the hotel couldn’t process payment using their credit card; not because of insufficient funds, but because of the card issuer.

“Because we were a part of a credit union in Vancouver, they didn’t accept that in Cuba,” said Foran, who told Global News the couple’s other card, a TD debit Visa, couldn’t be processed either.

The couple say they were prohibited from making phone calls or contacting the Canadian Embassy in Cuba or to get legal assistance.

“I was floored,” said Foran.

When family members in Vancouver couldn’t reach the couple in Cuba, one filed a missing person’s report with Vancouver police, which confirmed information was circulated to agencies including the RCMP and the Canadian Border Services Agency.

Incredibly, the couple’s release may have been ordered by Cuba’s highest political official.

At one point while in detention, they say a police officer took a phone call from someone who made loud demands.

“We asked afterward and they said it was (Raul) Castro,” president of the Council of State of Cuba, she said.

Soon after, they were escorted to the airport, put on a Sunwing aircraft and flown back to Toronto, without paying any of the charges demanded.

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4 thoughts on “Canadian tourists vacation in apartheid Cuba, get a chance to see the island like a native”

  1. It never fails: whenever anything goes wrong for these amoral and opportunistic Canadian assholes in Cuba, they ALWAYS play the innocent victim and expect sympathy. It obviously never occurs to them that they not only asked for it but more than deserve it. Disgusting swine.

  2. Why does this news not get to Canadians and discourage them from becoming tourists in Cuba.
    And even more, why does Cuba do this to Canadians? Of all tourists, doesn’tCuba want the Canadians to continue coming to Cuba?

  3. Honey, Canadians are obviously not going to stop vacationing in Cuba or they would have done it by now. This sort of incident is nothing new. As for the Castro people, yes, you’d think they’d be more careful, but it’s been shown that even if they’re not it makes little or no difference to the tourist traffic. Hence, they can be their natural low-life, sloppy, third-world-shithole selves.

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