Mexico follows Obama’s lead, embraces Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship and ignores human rights atrocities

More rotten fruits from President Obama’s Hope and Change Cuba policy.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Castro’s Visit to Mexico Further Disproves Obama’s Theory

In pitching the Obama Administration’s new Cuba policy to Congress, Roberta Jacobson, the U.S.’s Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, testified to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on May 20, 2015:

We have begun to see the Administration’s new approach to Cuba providing space for other nations in the hemisphere and around the world to focus on promoting respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in Cuba.”

Yet we’re still searching for what she’s “seeing” — without any evidence in sight.

This weekend, Cuban dictator Raul Castro visited Mexico — any evidence there?

Nope, quite the contrary actually.

From The Tico Times:

Castro, Peña Nieto seal warmer Cuba-Mexico ties

Cuban leader Raúl Castro received a warm welcome in Mexico on Friday as President Enrique Peña Nieto sought to end a diplomatic chill and boost business opportunities on the island.

With the colonial Caribbean city of Mérida serving as the backdrop, Castro was given red carpet treatment at the Yucatán state government palace for his first official visit to Mexico since taking power in 2006.

“Long live the indestructible brotherhood between the people of Cuba and Mexico,” Castro said as he delivered a speech alongside Peña Nieto following a private meeting.

For his part, Peña Nieto greeted Castro with an embrace and told him that “Mexico welcomes you with open arms.”

2 thoughts on “Mexico follows Obama’s lead, embraces Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship and ignores human rights atrocities”

  1. Ah, Mexico. Again. For the zillionth time. Such a dependable backstabber. Well, why not? How many Cubans still vacation in Mexico? How many eat at Mexican restaurants? How many watch Mexican dreck on TV? And don’t we have a celebrity “representative” running around not just identifying as “Latino” but going as far as making a music video titled “We are all Mexicans”? I mean, are we even respectable? Besides, Mexico can’t help it–it’s called intrinsic dysfunction (at least in polite circles). As for Peña Nieto, he looks creepy, even sickly, something like that ghastly Juan Gabriel person. Enough said.

  2. Peña Nieto embraced Castro and told him that “Mexico welcomes you with open arms.” No commentary is really needed, since everything is more than clear enough. Mexico, of course, is being itself; this behavior is absolutely in character, and that character won’t change. Same goes for the rest of the Latrine world, and the outside world in general. We cannot change other people, but we can respect ourselves and act with dignity in the face of so much HIJEPUTEZ. Never forget any of this shit, and act accordingly.

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