Cuba’s Obama-backed Castro dictatorship violently arrests more than 200 human rights activists on Sunday

Yesterday marked the 29th consecutive Sunday of violent repression in Cuba with over 200 human rights activists brutalized and arrested by the Obama-backed Castro regime. State Security thugs were dispatched yesterday to attack the peaceful human rights activists and some were actually stoned. All this for attempting to carry out their weekly peaceful protest march.

In response to this latest human rights atrocity by the apartheid Castro regime, the Obama State Department says: [insert sound of crickets chirping]

Capitol Hill Cubans has the report:

Green-Light for Repression: Over 200 Cuban Dissidents Arrested on Sunday

Last week, while encouraging U.S. businessmen to cut deals with the Castro dictatorship, Amb. David Thorne, senior advisor to Secretary of State John Kerry, stated in an interview from Havana:

Let’s find out how we can work together and not always say that human rights are the first things that we have to fix before anything else.

The Castro regime took this dangerous message as a (further) green-light for repression.

Over 200 Cuban dissidents were arrested on Sunday as they sought to peacefully demonstrate, pursuant to the #TodosMarchamos (#WeAllMarch) campaign.

Of those arrested, over 125 were from the Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU) in the eastern provinces. (See a list of those arrested here.)

In two particularly egregious cases, Castro’s secret police ordered local party officials to hurl stones at a group 30 dissidents in Palma Soriano, prior to their arrest. Among those seriously injured was Jorge Cervantes Garcia.

And, in Camaguey, a group of dissidents were arrested, handcuffed and locked in police cars for several hours to suffer in the hot sun. They included Fernando Vazquez Guerra, Dorico Sanchez Aguilar, Davilexis Sanchez Aguilar, Leopoldo Lopez Betancourt, Ediyersi Santana Jous and Raul Padron Suarez

Meanwhile, in Havana, over 75 members of The Ladies in White — the renowned group composed of the wives, daughters, mothers and other relatives of Cuban political prisoners — were arrested.

In other notable cases last week:

— Cuban dissidents Geovanys Izaguirre and Laudelino Rodriguez were handed six-month prison sentences for demonstrating with anti-Castro signs.

— Cuban rocker Gorki Aguila was arrested for wearing an anti-Castro t-shirt, while he was being interviewed by two French reporters.

— Four Cuban independent journalists (with Hablemos Press) were arrested within a 48-hour time period for their reporting. They are Oscar Sanchez Madan, Ricardo Sanchez Tamayo, Pablo Morales Marchan and Raul Ramirez Puig.

— Famed Cuban novelist, dissident and political prisoner, Angel Santiesteban, was re-arrested.

— A police vehicle rammed a scooter carrying Cuban democracy leader, Damaris Moya, and her husband, Yandi Peraza, injuring both of them. This is how Cuban democracy leader, Oswaldo Paya, was murdered in 2012.

It’s “what change looks like” — not to mention Thorne’s irresponsibility — in Obama’s Cuba.

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  1. Thorne’s irresponsibility? Thorne’s? What is he, an independent agent? He’s Kerry’s flunky, and Kerry is Obama’s flunky, so let’s put the responsibility where it belongs, OK?

  2. The more this happens, more or less like clockwork, the more it becomes “normal” and thus effectively ignored. If you don’t believe me, ask the New York Times.

  3. Obama has stuck is foot in so deep in the sh–t that there is no way that at this stage in the game the notoriously narcissistic POTUS is going to ever admit that he was wrong not even if Cuba sinks to the bottom of the ocean! He is simply going to continue to repeat the blatant lie that his policy is a success and that Cuba is reforming, PERIOD.

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