Another Canadian tourist vacationing in apartheid Cuba gets the ‘native’ treatment

Earlier this week, we brought you the story of the Canadian couple vacationing in apartheid Cuba who were gifted the opportunity to experience Cuba just like the natives. Now, another Canadian has come forward to tell the story of how his beautiful and relaxing vacation in apartheid Cuba – where enslaved Cubans dance and sing for the enjoyment of tourists – turned into a truly “native” experience.

By Sean O’Shea via Global News:

Another Canadian comes forward with story of being detained in Cuba


TORONTO — Taylan Evrenler had been to Cuba twice before but his visit last week, that included a trip to Havana, is easily the most memorable. He was detained and questioned by police over a two-day period and was only allowed to leave when he agreed to make a payment.

“You have to pay 4,250 pesos or else you are not going on your flight,” Evrenler said he was told by police on the second day of questioning, adding that he was warned he would not get the documentation necessary to return home to Toronto otherwise.

Evrenler was staying at a licensed Cuban guest home called a Casa Particular in Havana last week because he wanted to visit an international trade expo.

When he went to check out of the home, he said he was met by two non-uniformed Cuban police officers who accompanied him to a police station.

Inside, Evrenler said he was ordered to surrender his passport and cellular phone. He said he waited most of the first day and was told to return the following day.

“They gave me back my phone and was told to come back at eight in the morning and everything’s finished,” said the 28-year-old high risk analyst.

But after returning the next day and waiting about three hours, he said he was interrogated in Spanish, and limited English, and told he owed money for “damages” caused at another guest home on a previous trip.

“It was absolutely false,” Evrener told Global News, who said he had not damaged anything on the previous visit.

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  1. The Castro people would only pull this kind of shit if they were VERY sure it would not only get them extra cash but would not significantly hurt business. In other words, they have so little respect for Canadians that they figure there’s no need to be especially careful because the suckers will keep coming to Cuba in droves anyway–and I expect that’s an accurate assessment.

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