Highly weird question of the week: How white can Cubans be?

Highly white but not quite white enough guys

Forget what Chris Matthews said last week  about Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Here’s another weird reaction to Cuban-American presidential candidates.

While liberals are wringing their hands, straining to find some way of classifying Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as non -Hispanic, yet non -white, some conservatives are apparently doing some hand-wringing of their own, straining to figure out if these Cuban-Americans could possibly be white enough.

Aaaah.  Yes.  That question: Can anyone with a Spanish surname really be white, even if they look like white Europeans?

Aaaah. Yes.  That constant comment:  But, but….you don’t look Cuban!

Or, as the German publisher of Waiting for Snow in Havana said to me: “We can’t use your  photo on the book jacket because you don’t look Cuban enough.”

Aaaah.  Yes.  Whiteness of a different color.   As the French love to say: “Africa begins at the Pyrenees” — a sentiment often voiced with empirical conviction.

Marie-Henri Beyle, who wrote under the pen name Stendhal, summed it all up:   ‘Blood, manners, language, way of living and fighting, everything in Spain is African. If the Spaniard were a Muslim he would be a complete African’.

Add real sub-Saharan Africans and Taino natives to the mix, as occurred in the Caribbean, and what you’ve got is nothing but a real threat to whiteness, and to the American way of classifying anyone with a Spanish surname.

So, get ready for more confusion if Ted and Marco stay in the race.  After all, they are “highly white” in ancestry [not completely white] , “relatively high-achievers by Latin American standards” [fairly impressive for any such mongrels], and children of those “affluent anti-Communist Cubans who took over Miami “[pushy and uppity].

Cartoon from The Detroit Journal, 1907


From V-Dare:

With Mariel Boatlift II Looming, How White Are the Remaining Cubans Genetically?

One of those events you can see looming on the historic horizon is a Second Mariel Boatlift of Cubans trying to get to Miami before the U.S. wises up and rescinds the wet foot dry foot law that gives all 11 million remaining Cubans near-automatic right of asylum if they can set one foot on American dry land.

Down through history, Cuban have usually been relatively high-achievers by Latin American standards. For example, 90 years ago the world chess champion was a Cuban, Capablanca.

Cuba has some real geographic advantages over the rest of the Caribbean that attracted middle class immigrants rather than just agricultural laborers (as who mostly came to Puerto Rico). Most Caribbean islands have their main port on the south side of the island to give ships shelter from strong winter storms from the north, but Havana is a good enough natural harbor that it can be on the north side of the island and thus be cooler due to northerly breezes. So Cuba was long the favorite destination of Europeans moving to tropical New World.

The affluent anti-Communist Cubans who took over Miami a half-century ago are of course highly white in ancestry.

That raises the question, however: how white are the Cubans who are left in Cuba? Clearly, a lot of the whitest Cubans have been skimmed off to Florida over the decades. So, what about the remainder?

Continue marveling at this article HERE.

Highly white but not quite white enough gal
Highly white but not quite white enough gal

5 thoughts on “Highly weird question of the week: How white can Cubans be?”

  1. All things considered, the world is NEVER going to “get it” regarding Cuba or Cubans, not just concerning racial issues but in general–it sure as hell never has. Whether this is due to genuine obtuseness or willful blindness doesn’t really matter, since the end result is the same. Thus, the only rational or practical thing to do is to go on about our own business, and the world can just go fuck itself–which it is doing amazingly well, as it turns out, and don’t think that’s not related to how it deals with Cuba.

  2. Relatively high-achievers by Latin American standards? Try over-achievers, and then some, but never mind. It’s quite clear that there are LOTS of people, on both the left and the right, heavily invested in the notion that Hispanics, “Latinos” and Cubans can only pass for white, but cannot actually be white. I believe this is called racism, but again, never mind. It’s not worth the aggravation, or rather, such people are not worth minding. Frankly, I prefer the upfront and unabashed racism of that 1907 cartoon, repulsive though it is, because it’s considerably more honest.

  3. And you know, Carlos, you should have put on some blackface, grabbed a huge cigar, taken a photo of yourself that way and sent it to the Germans. Maybe they would have gotten the message, though maybe they would have used that photo as being duly appropriate.

  4. I know that there are preconceived notions and a heavy dose of racism out there, but if we look at the perception of Cuba on the world stage, there is actually a reason for it.

    Perhaps that caricature of the picaninny is due to the fact that a good portion of the mambi army was black. Don’t forget that the Cuban slave owners freed their slaves and then turned them into soldiers. Also, mulatto Maceo was a general and his black mother is seen as the mother of the Cuban nation. Can you imagine the American army going to Cuba and seeing all of these blacks fighting in the rebel army? At a time when blacks were so highly segregated in the USA.

    Ironically, while Cuba was one of the whitest countries in Latin America with the largest Euro-Spanish population per capita in all of Latin America, Cuba’s face to the world was black! It was the Rita Montaner’s, the Sonora Matancera’s, the Olga Guillot’s, the Celia Cruz’s and the Beny More’s that were the cultural ambassadors of Cuba to the world not the countless very white Cubans of Asturian and Galician ancestry that made up the bulk of the nation.

    Once here in exile, our dear, dear Lateeno brothers and sisters began this nonsense of “brown power,” victimology and of cleaving to the side of blacks. We were sucked into that vortex and are now seen as “Latinos” rather than as Cubans.

    It’s an uphill battle. Yes, it is disgusting that there is so much doubt about our race, but there are logical reasons for it.

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