Voters in Argentina vote to end Peronism and its disastrous socialist policies

Belen Marty in The PanAm Post:

Underdog Mauricio Macri Brings Down Kirchner Rule in Argentina

Voters Demand Change, an End to Peronism
Despite an intense campaign against him, conservative opposition-candidate Mauricio Macri defeated Cristina Kirchner’s appointed successor Daniel Scioli.

Opposition-leader Mauricio Macri is poised to become Argentina’s first non-Peronist president in decades, putting an end to 12 years of socialist-leaning Front for Victory rule. With over 66 percent of polls counted, preliminary official results give the Cambiemos (we change) candidate a 7 percent advantage over the ruling-party candidate, Daniel Scioli.

A businessman and soccer-club president turned congressman and Buenos Aires mayor, Macri surged in the polls after a surprising performance in the first round of the election.

Election day was relatively calm, at least by Argentinean standards. Transparency-watchdog Ser Fiscal received at least 102 complaints of irregularities, including stolen and doctored ballots, small explosions, closed stations, and foreigners allegedly crossing the border to vote for President Cristina Kirchner’s successor.

Voting centers across the South American nation remained open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. local time on November 22. And José Luis Patiño, founder and chief technology officer at Ser Fiscal, told the PanAm Post that all complaints would show up on a map detailing electoral crimes.

Around 14:00 local time, Patiño said half of Argentina’s registered voters had already cast their ballots: “So far the election has been calm, but problems usually arise afterwards, when local leaders begin realizing who is leading the race. If something wants to try anything, he’ll do it near the closing time.”

However,”when there is a lot of control, those with bad intentions fail,” he explained.

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