As Cubans protest Ecuador’s new visa policy, news media suddenly decides to cover ‘protests’ in Cuba
A Cuban shows a passport and travel reservation during a protest in front of the Ecuadoran Embassy in Havana on Nov. 27, 2015. (Yamil Lage/AFP/Getty Images)

A couple of days ago Ecuador announced that beginning December 1st, it would require visas for Cubans who travel to that country. This supposedly created outrage among Cubans who had travel plans to Ecuador and sparked a spontaneous protest outside the Ecuadorean embassy in Havana.

However, we should all keep in mind that as a loyal subaltern of Cuba’s Castros, there is little doubt Ecuador’s Correa was either following orders handed down to him from Havana or at a minimum, he sought and received permission from the Cuban regime to make the policy change. With this dynamic firmly in place, one can reasonably conclude that this change in policy did not surprise the Castro government. Furthermore, it would neither be unthinkable to surmise that the protests that took place outside the Ecuadorean embassy in Havana were officially sanctioned by the Cuban dictatorship if not wholly organized by them for propaganda purposes.

Enter then the international news media to provide the Castro regime with some assistance. The same international news media that under strict instructions from the Cuban dictatorship, refuses to publish any significant coverage of the weekly protest marches that take place every Sunday in Cuba, which always result in violent beatings and arrests of hundreds of peaceful human rights activists. This year there have been over 6,000 violent arrests of peaceful dissidents in Cuba, but you would likely never know that if you got your Cuba news from the mainstream media.

Suddenly, however, they are very interested in this particular “protest” in Cuba. And all the top news outlets are covering this like protests are something you rarely see in Cuba:

The New York Times: Cubans Protest Stricter Rules for Traveling to Ecuador

Reuters: Cubans protest new Ecuador visa regulation

Associated Press: Hundreds gather in Cuba in frustration at Ecuador visa rule

The Washington Post: Cuba sees rare protest as migration tensions rise

Normally, this would raise an important question: Why is the news media suddenly reporting so extensively on protests in Cuba when for years they have virtually ignored the thousands of protests that have been carried out by activists on the island on a regular basis?

But then again, is it really a question when we all know the answer?

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