Venezuela’s pro-democracy opposition defeats Cuba-backed dictatorship in parliamentary elections

Want to know why the Castros have not held an election in Cuba in more than five decades? This is why.

Francisco Toro in Caracas Chronicles:

Official results, Government = 46 seats, Opposition = 99 seats. 22 seats still not called.

Signing off after a thrilling, historic night that had everything: carometro, crazy rumors, a DDoS attack, BarandaTime.

6D has upended everything everyone thought they knew about Venezuelan politics.

There’ll be so much more to blog in the days ahead. So much more.


12:45: Maduro babbling about Arbenz.

12:44: Maduro gives subdued address. Then pivots to blame the “Economic War.”


PSUV 24 circuit seats + 22 list seats = 46 seats.

MUD 72 circuit seats + 27 list seats = 99 seats.

22 still not called.

 A LOT of circuits are not going to have winners announced: Amazonas 1, Apure 1, Aragua 2, Aragua 3, Aragua 4, Carabobo 4, Guarico 1, Guarico 2, Guarico 3, Lara 2, Monagas 1, Merida List. Jezum.

74% Turnout

12:28: Tibisay: Espiritu Cívico, bla bla.

12:27: Tibisay on the move.

12:17: Serious talk now of a negotiation to give the MUD 108 seats, instead of the 113 we won.

11:28: Rumour that we won in Vargas. VARGAS. V-a-r-g-a-s. (Not confirmed.)

11:26: VP headquarters son una fiesta: hugs, bleary sleep-deprived eyes and elation.

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  1. It’s very painfully clear that resolving the Batista problem (which was a political problem) through political or electoral means should have been much easier than bringing down chavismo in Venezuela. The fact Cubans didn’t manage to do so was a tragic failure, not to say an inexcusable one, especially given what replaced Batista and its consequences. Seriously, no decent Cuban should ever stop being ashamed of what was, at best, infantile idiocy. Lord, the disgrace.

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