Cuba for dummies: forget human rights, let’s dig up gangster stories instead

Yeah.  This is beautiful.  Cut the cake!

Never mind all the indignities and abuses Cubans have to suffer at the hands of the Castro regime.

Let’s focus on the really important stuff, like those gangsters that did business with the Corleones.

As Jon Stewart once said: “Everything I know about Cuba I learned from Godfather II.”

Yeah.  Beautiful.  Fiction is so much prettier and easier to comprehend than reality.

Way to go,  journalists.  Keep up the good work.

Meyer Lansky

Family of late U.S. gangster wants compensation for Cuba hotel

The family of the late gangster Meyer Lansky is hoping to be compensated for a Havana casino hotel seized after Cuba’s 1959 revolution, now that the countries have begun trying to resolve billions in dollars in claims for the confiscation of American properties by the island’s socialist government.

Lansky’s family sees an opportunity to reclaim the Habana Riviera or its cash equivalent.

“The hotel was taken from my grandfather forcefully,” said Lansky’s 60-year-old grandson, Gary Rapoport, of Tampa. “Cuba owes my family money.”

When the Havana hotel opened in 1957, it was the largest casino hotel in Cuba and boasted air conditioning when that amenity was still a rarity. It became kind of a base for Lansky, considered one of the most significant mob figures of the

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1 thought on “Cuba for dummies: forget human rights, let’s dig up gangster stories instead”

  1. But of course. Because Francis Ford Coppola, like Michael Moore, is SO much more knowledgeable about Cuba than Cubans themselves, especially “those people.” Because Cuba deserves no better than hoary stereotypes and cheeseball mythologizing. Because if the indefatigably self-righteous “paper of record” could package and sell Fidel Castro as Robin Hood and get away with it, despite the catastrophic consequences, to this day, why should anyone worry about ANY consequences of distorting the truth about Cuba? The usual suspects don’t care about the truth, period, only about the “truth” that suits their agenda, and if they’re willing to screw over their own country, why would they care about screwing Cuba?

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