Miami Herald tries to shame the Castro regime into being nice to the White House

Ladies in White arrested on Human Rights Day, Dec. 10

You know things must be really awful in Castrogonia when The Miami Herald runs an article that sides with Cuban dissidents and exiles.

Ay, mami.  Raul Castro and his thugs are making the current occupant of the White House look bad.   Some people — some of the right kind of people — might begin to think ill of that occupant and his foreign policy.

God forbid.  Quick, try to shame the Castro regime into acting nicely, for the sake of the White House.  Let’s publish that piece by Javier Galano of Granma Lite (Associated Press), in which Raul Castro is reminded that the U.S. is now his friend and he no longer needs to repress his people because of American saber-rattling.

Naaaaah.  Never mind the hysterics.  The Herald is over-reacting.

Things can’t be that bad in Castrogonia.  No way, Jose: The New York Times still says everything is peachy keen down there.   So, Peeee-cheee keen, it is!

Swell.  Magnifico.  Pat yourself on the back a few more times, Mr. Current White House Occupant.

Sideshow of the Normalization Circus, Dec. 10 (notice contortionist’s upside-down performance).

From the one and only Miami Herald:

 Cuba’s police state remains intact

One year after the half-century diplomatic estrangement between Cuba and the United States came to a well-deserved end, the unremitting harshness of the dynastic police state run by Raúl Castro remains very much in place. Progress has been made on some issues, but Cuba’s people remain victims of an unbending regime.

For decades, the Cuban government used hostility with the United States as a pretext to deny the populacw basic political freedoms. Anyone demanding political reform was conveniently branded a yanqui agent, an enemy of the state.

What’s the excuse now? After U.S. and Cuban foreign ministers traded handshakes and beaming smiles as the flags of their countries were hoisted at reopened embassies in Havana and Washington, D.C., both sides expressed the belief that better relations were in the offing.

So the question must be asked: If the United States is no longer the enemy, why are ordinary Cubans still denied the right to peaceful protest, to a free press, to a public airing of their many grievances? What is the pretext now, when U.S. tourists are flooding the island?

No one expected an overnight change in the way Cuba treats fearless citizens who challenge the power of the almighty state. Inexcusably, though, there has not been one inch of give. Public protests are forcefully disrupted. Political prisoners remain behind bars. Dissidents face daily harassment. Dozens were arrested, with chilling irony, in the days before International Human Rights Day on Dec. 10.

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  1. Carlos, in that case, the Miami Herald is worrying needlessly. Obama can do whatever he wants, as he pretty much has, and not just regarding Cuba. He’s got major protection, starting with pigment protection, and being a Dem is already pretty powerful protection as it is. And you gotta love that top photo: five good Negroes to one bad one. Massah Castro must be proud. Vamos bien.

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