Obama thinks that Raul wants change?

According to Paul Bedard, President Obama sees Dictator Raul Castro as a pragmatic man:

“Obama was complimentary of Castro.

“I do see in him a big streak of pragmatism. In that sense, I don’t think he is an ideologue,” said the president.

He added that Castro is even a forward thinker.

“I do also think that Raul Castro recognizes the need for change. And part of the reason for the timing of these changes is his desire to help usher in those changes before he and his brothers are gone. Because I think he views himself as having the stature to move Cuban society in ways that a successor might not,” said Obama.”

Really?   A “forward thinker” puts dissidents in jail?  or refuses to give people the right to elect their own leaders?

I guess that President Obama and I just have a different definition of what a forward thinker is!



3 thoughts on “Obama thinks that Raul wants change?”

  1. This kind of a talk from the POTUS about a cheap third-world totalitarian despot without a shred of legitimacy in any sense would be shocking, but it’s too “normal” for that. Pretty much everybody does it, whether mindlessly or maliciously, including the titular “Vicar of Christ” (whose conduct towards Cuba’s dictator, as well as his predecessor, has been at least as offensive, objectionable and culpable as Obama’s, certainly in principle). In other words, this is simply what Cubans can expect from the outside world, and they’ll never get significantly better treatment. It’s a very old story, even if it’s less thinly disguised these days, and there’s absolutely no basis for failing to read the writing on the wall, except idiocy or lack of dignity. We’re as alone as we always have been, and the very minimum we can do is face reality and drop all denial and wishful thinking. It’s about time we stopped being infantile.

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