Cuban “normalization” circus and its ringmasters draw well-deserved criticism



One year has come and gone since the current occupant of the White House betrayed the Cuban AND the American people by rewarding the Castro regime for its human rights abuses and its alliances with terror-sponsoring enemies of the United States.

Some observers seem to have noticed that the new U.S. policy toward the Castro regime has made everything worse for everyone, except for the oligarchs who rule Cuba.

From Democracy Digest

Time to rethink Cuba policy?

President Obama is using Thursday’s one-year anniversary of his historic detente with Cubato renew his call on Congress lift the U.S.’s longstanding trade embargo against the communist island nation, The Hill reports.

“Congress can support a better life for the Cuban people by lifting an embargo that is a legacy of a failed policy,” he said in a statement.

But the main problem is the Communist regime’s embargo against its own people, said one of Cuba’s leading journalists.

“The unresolved matter is yet to be solved … and that is that the Cuban government restores relations with its people. That the Cuban government ends, once and for all, the economic and political blockade that it has imposed against the Cuban people, to allow the Cuban people to invest, to be entrepreneurs and to express and associate freely,” said Reinaldo Escobar, co-founder and editor of 14yMedio, a renowned digital publication.

President Obama should revisit his Cuba policy in light of the considerable increase in political repression against peaceful human rights activists, says a letter hand-delivered to the White House this morning. The letter, signed by more than 100 former political prisoners who served a total of 1,945 years in Castro’s political prisons and forced labor camps, states that “based on our history and experience as political prisoners under Castro’s totalitarian regime, the new Cuba policy established by your Administration is a regrettable mistake.”

It “will prolong the life of the dictatorship, is worsening the human rights situation there, marginalizing the democratic opposition and compromising U.S. national security,” they said.

As the anniversary neared of President Obama’s announcement of a historic détente withCuba, Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, who was born in Havana and fled with her family to Miami decades ago, gave him a reality check. The policy change had done little to improve life for the Cuban people, she told the president at the White House last week, and had actually made their human rights situation worse, The New York Times reports:

“Despite some low-level agreements the administration trumpets, truly little has ‘progressed’ as it relates to Cuba or everyday Cubans,” Ms. Ros-Lehtinen said. “Repression has risen and has led to more Cubans trying to flee the country under Communist rule, while at the same time little progress has been made on human rights, U.S.-confiscated properties, return of wanted U.S. fugitives and democratic freedoms.”

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2 thoughts on “Cuban “normalization” circus and its ringmasters draw well-deserved criticism”

  1. Alas, the bottom line remains that Cuba is a glorified joke, even to a lot of Cubans. Obama, of course, will never be held accountable for his Cuba policy or anything else. He correctly assumed that he could pull pretty much whatever he wanted with impunity, as he has. I absolutely don’t blame him for being himself; the problem lies elsewhere, as in all around us.

  2. The Castro people know their business, which is to stay in power. They wouldn’t be so brazen if they had more respect for their supposed enemies or antagonists, starting with “the empire.” I mean, seriously, when a senior US senator stoops to acting as go-between for the artificial insemination of the wife of a convicted Cuban spy with the blood of American citizens on his hands (for which he was condemned to a life sentence), and said senator admits it and pays no price for it, what else does Castro, Inc. need to know? Just do the math, OK?

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