Why are young Cubans coming?

We’ve read several news accounts about Cubans in Central America or heading to the US.

It’s true that some want to get to the US before the Cuban act or law changes.

However, there is another reason.    They want to leave Cuba period, as we read in this article at The Telegraph:

“Yenis Rojas should be a symbol of Cuba’s future. A doctor, she has worked all her life for the state, and is full of drive, energy and ambition.

And yet, despite the announcement a year ago that America and Cuba were re-establishing ties after half a century of hostilities, she sees no promise in her homeland and has fled.

“I had to get out,” she said, speaking from the Costa Rica, close to the border with Nicaragua, where she is camped out. “I couldn’t stand it any more.””

And that’s the story!

They want to leave because they “can’t stand it anymore”.

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