Univision’s Mexican-born Jorge Ramos denounces Republicans Ted Cruz AND Marco Rubio for “betrayal!”


“Of course, most incomprehensible for many Hispanics is that the two Latino candidates, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, have taken such a harsh stance against immigrants who are here simply because they’re doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.

Rubio and Cruz are struggling to see who can demonstrate the harshest opposition to offering undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship. Simply put: Rubio and Cruz don’t want new immigrants to have the same opportunities that their own parents had…There is no greater disloyalty than the children of immigrants forgetting their own roots. That’s a betrayal.”

joan rivers

Can we talk? In brief: Why do so many residents of the former Spanish Empire flock to the U.S.?

In fact, South and Central America had (and have) more natural resources than does North America. So why do “Hispanics” or “Latinos” or whatever the hell you wanna call ’em continuously flock into North America for jobs, for prosperity–in brief: for the pursuit of happiness?

The Rule of Law and individual liberty, that’s why. They’re not very good at that sort of thing in Spanish-speaking nations. One of the Spanish Empire’s most famous aphorisms regarding its administration   helps explain the issue: “obedezco pero no cumplo.” (I obey but don’t comply. )

In brief : the Rule of Law doesn’t mean the same thing in Latin America as it does in the Anglosphere. Oh sure, most “Hispanic” nations have absolutely lovely constitutions, many of them modeled on our own. It’s following the letter of their laws that proves damn near impossible down there. For instance:

You can make a good case that Batista’s 1952 coup was actually good for Cuba–economically-speaking. But it was still illegal. Maybe without the coup things would have turned out better in the long run?…I know…I know! We could get on this for HOURS! But bandwidth issues restrain us. Whatever. It’s hard to say for sure.

For all I know, Cruz and Rubio are oblivious to the phrase “obedezco pero no cumplo” and its historic ramifications for the fortunes of Latin American societies. But Jorge Ramos’s seems furious that these Republican candidates propose to uphold U.S. law. Where Jorge Ramos writes “immigrants,” constitutionalists properly see lawbreakers, criminals. Genuine immigrants follow U.S. law–as did Cruz and Rubio’s parents. Ramos makes no distinction between them and lawbreakers.

(For the sake of this discussion let’s defer a discussion of Rubio’s actual record on this issue and stick to Jorge Ramos claims that–based on his recent campaign declarations–Rubio’s position is identical to Cruz’.)

One-time amnesty proponent Rubio graciously granted Jorge Ramos several elegant interviews.


Trump had his goons pounce on Ramos and boot him from one of his speeches like a filthy wino who snuck into the building from a back alley through the service door.

Yet Ramos treats Rubio no differently from Trump–worse, actually: Trump’s a simple “bigot,” whereas Rubio’s a reprehensible “traitor!”

So instead of pandering to Jorge Ramos and his fan-base Cruz and Rubio should boast that they’re proud of their fealty to the U.S. Constitution and to the rule of law–they’re proud of fighting to keep the U.S. from becoming the very kind of a pesthole where Jorge Ramos and most of his fan base were born……“Obedezco Y TAMBIEN cumplo!”



6 thoughts on “Univision’s Mexican-born Jorge Ramos denounces Republicans Ted Cruz AND Marco Rubio for “betrayal!””

  1. “Betrayal?” That’s a mighty hefty accusation to be throwing at someone. Of course, this supposes that we Cubans adhere to the moniker “Lateeeno” and further that we accept being put under this group that does nothing to enhance our standing in society. In fact, by being put under the totally politicized and lMALDEF/NATIONAL COUNCIL OF LA RAZA/ATZLAN/CHICANO created term, we lower our standards, since we then inherit the social problems our our dear, dear Lateeno brothers and sisters [astronomical unwed mothers and high-school drop-out rates, youth gang participation, , welfare-bound families, and high crime and incarceration stats].

    So, we are traitors to this group that was forced upon us, but are they traitors when the Hispanic Congressional Caucus goes to Cuba to kiss up to castro? Are they traitors when they asked in unison for Elian to be returned to Cuba? Are they traitors when they vote for the embargo to Cuba to be lifted? We have to play to their tune or we’re traitors, but if they bend us over and don’t use Vaseline [which is customary with them], that’s fine! How do you say arrogant?

  2. Ramos is a brittle-looking little man with, uh, issues (and btw, he’s not aging well). It may surprise some to know that he was formerly married to a Cuban, Gina Montaner, daughter of Carlos Alberto Montaner, and that their daughter, Paola Ramos, is working for the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign (imagine that). The key thing, however, is that Jorgito is Mexican, knows what’s expected of him, and knows on which side his bread is buttered–as in career, image, position and associated concerns. This includes knowing that if he were to go off-script and sing a discordant tune, especially on anything related to immigration, he would be swiftly branded a traitor to “Latinos,” and it would cost him big time. In other words, he’s entirely predictable and essentially superfluous. The only reason I don’t ignore him completely is his self-righteousness and sense of entitlement, which happen to be obnoxious; otherwise, he’s quite negligible.

  3. As for the “betrayal” business, that’s mighty rich, alright, for beyond obvious reasons, but that never stopped a usual suspect and never will. Remember, Cubans are officially fair game for any and all attacks; if you don’t believe me, ask certain malicious prize-winning cartoonists, not to mention the “paper of record” and assorted Hollywood cretins.

  4. Indio acomplejado sindrome? Yes by all means, let’s join our Lateeno brothers who’ve NEVER stood with us and embrace the Democrats; after all, it’s worked out great for black Americans, right?

  5. I’m not interested in what the daughter looks like, but she’s evidently her father’s daughter, though I can’t vouch for her mother (and it appears that her maternal grandfather has had negligible influence on her, if any). If she merely voted Dem it would be bad enough, but actively working for the election of a Dem president, especially a Clinton, is quite beyond the pale. Of course, she is half Mexican, so certainly that half is in order. Well, I expect the daughter of Senator Bob Menendez is planning to vote for Mrs. Clinton if not campaign for her, and her father backed Clinton in 2008 (which may have something to do with his subsequent troubles with Obama). So yes, more dignity issues, as if there weren’t too many already.

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