Surprise! Guess who’s funding the Castro dynasty’s armed forces?

This news may come as a surprise to most non-Cubans, but not to Cubans.

We’ve known this for a very long time.

Foreign businesses are funding the Castro Kingdom’s armed forces.

And guess who is the commander in chief?

If you can read Spanish, follow the link embedded in the article below.  It will take you to a report that provides a detailed summary of the monopoly known as Castro, Inc.

Invest in my armed forces!

From the Pan Am Post

Report: Cuban Army Gets Lion’s Share of Foreign Investment

As the United States lifts restrictions and eyes investment opportunities in Cuba, Foresight Cuba is taking a look at the architecture of island’s economy.

On January 7, the organization published a report detailing the army’s monopoly on virtually all sectors of the economy, including the tourism industry, which the Cuban regime has previously claimed is the best way for ordinary residents of the island to gain economic independence.

Foresight Cuba offers independent measurements of the island’s economy, population, environmental issues, and other related issues. The group aims to contrast the picture presented by the Cuban government with data and analysis from experts.

Cimex Corporation and Business Administration Group (Gaesa), which control foreign-exchange operations and remittances on the island, are in the hands of the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (MINFAR). Both enjoy state funding and privileges that are unavailable to other Cuban entities.

Gaesa is a conglomerate with 18 corporations, each of which runs companies that dominate ports, tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, real estate, and even transportation.

As for Cimex, it operates several departments that control wholesale commerce in beverages, communications, technology, and maritime shipping, as well as several retail businesses like coffee shops, jewelry stores, post offices, and photo and advertising services, among others.

Not one of these state-run firms offers any information regarding revenues, profits, investments, or a payments record. The only publicly available information is that foreign funds enter a single account at the Cuban National Bank, which also does not disclose any details of its operations.

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I want you to invest in my friend Raul’s armed forces !

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  1. The foreign vultures enabling totalitarian tyranny aren’t clueless or stupid, they simply don’t care. It’s just business, period–though of course they WILL play the victim card if things go sour. Same old shit.

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