“Distinguished” Castro lackey goes to his eternal reward

The future oligarch as a young man
The future oligarch as a young man

One of the most loyal knights of the Castro dynasty– and an elite member of its military junta — passed away on Friday, 15 January.

Pedro Miret Prieto was a dedicated and faithful servant of the Castro brothers throughout his entire adult life, having first joined them in their senseless assault on the Moncada barracks in 1953, and having joined their guerilla band in the mountains in 1958, under the exalted title of “comandante.”

Highly placed cretin
The highly placed cretin

Comandante Miret Prieto was a member of the Castro court’s inner circle and served the royal family faithfully in various high posts  until his retirement in 2009.

In addition to being first vice-minister  of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, that is, second in command to Raul Castro, the ever-loyal Comandante Pedro was sub-secretary of National Defense in the 1960’s, also minister of Agriculture, and minister of Mining and Metallurgy in the 1970’s,  vice-president of the Council of State from 1986-1993, and vice-president of the Council of Ministers from 1990 to 2009.

Comandante Pedro was 88 years old.  Due to his devotion to the Castro dynasty, he was never charged with treason.  Instead, he was bestowed the highest of all honors in the Castro court: the privilege of dying in bed from natural causes ( “infarto agudo del miocardio”: a massive heart attack).

The oligarch in formal attire
The oligarch in formal attire

In years to come,  this privileged oligarch who was given the title of  “destacado combatiente” (distinguished fighter), will be remembered for the key role he played in turning Cuba into a hellish labyrinth of ruins, and in ensuring that all who were disloyal to the royal Castro dynasty would be silenced, imprisoned, exiled, or executed.

Next in line?

3 thoughts on ““Distinguished” Castro lackey goes to his eternal reward”

  1. Agriculture? Mining? Metallurgy? He probably knew as much about those things as Che knew about economics, though it wouldn’t be hard to know more. Another minion who owed everything to political position, as well as another asshole who looked better (or at least more normal) in his old age than when he was young (like Raul Castro). Ugh.

  2. I went to school in Miami many years ago with a family member of his. I wonder if the exiled portion of his family is grieving.

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