Hope and Change in Obama’s Cuba: Carnival cruise ship picks up eight escaped Cuban slaves

President Obama’s Hope and Change Cuba policy embracing the notoriously repressive apartheid Castro dictatorship has done absolutely nothing to offer any hope for real change in Cuba. To the contrary, the number of enslaved Cubans on the island trying to escape the Castro slave plantation has grown tremendously since the president’s embrace of the regime.

Via the Tampa Bay Times:

Tampa’s Carnival Paradise cruise ship rescues eight Cuban refugees


After days of rain, Diane Miksch was finally able to catch some sun on the lido deck of the cruise ship she was vacationing on last week.

But the relaxation didn’t last long for the St. Pete Beach resident. Soon, crew members of Carnival Paradise, based in Tampa, announced over the ship’s loudspeakers that they had spotted a vessel in distress and were changing course to check it out.

Miksch, 54, said she watched over the railing with a friend as the small raft came into sight. Onboard were eight Cuban refugees asking for help. The passengers could see Cuba on the horizon.

“They had their arms up waving and everything,” she said. “I think they were in pretty dire need to get picked up.”

According to a statement from the Miami cruise line, the ship came across the raft on Jan. 10 around 3:45 p.m. during a five-day Caribbean excursion out of Port Tampa Bay.

Crew members brought the seven men and one woman on board the ship and provided them with food, water and medical help, according to the company. The next day, when the ship stopped in Grand Cayman, the refugees were left with authorities there.

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