End impunity in Cuba: Three and a half years after assassination of Oswaldo Paya

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

End Impunity: Truth and Memory three and a half years after Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero killings

“Three and a half years since the attack that took away #OswaldoPayá and #HCepero. Their hope remains #EndImpunity” – Rosa María Payá Acevedo, over twitter in Spanish and reproduced below


Today marks another sad anniversary that a daughter observed posting a picture from better days when her dad was still alive. The tragedy is that Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas was murdered by agents of the Cuban dictatorship along with Harold Cepero, a young man who was a friend of hers and a youth leader in his nonviolent democratic movement.  Three and a half years later and the evidence that an extrajudicial execution was carried out by Castro’s state security service has piled up and petitions made to the UN Human Rights Council and Inter-American Commission on Human Rights but nothing has been done and the killers remain at large and unidentified.

Young members of the Free Cuba Foundation in an open letter replying to Cuban American businessmen advocating engagement with the Cuban dictatorship and the Obama administration’s “new policy” of unilateral concessions to the regime that began in 2009 made reference to both of them. The bitter harvest of this approach can be seen in the high profile body count generated. The December 17, 2014 announcement by President Obama doubled down on this policy that has been hostile to Cuba’s democratic aspirations.

Cuba has seen rising levels of violence against nonviolent activists and the suspicious deaths of human rights defenders during the Obama presidency: Orlando Zapata Tamayo (February 23, 2010), Daisy Talavera de las Mercedes Lopez (January 31, 2011) , Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia (May 8, 2011), Laura Inés Pollán Toledo (October 14, 2011), Wilman Villar Mendoza (January 19, 2012), Sergio Diaz Larrastegui (April 19, 2012), Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas (July 22, 2012) and Harold Cepero Escalante (July 22, 2012).

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  1. Wait, maybe the pope can intervene on behalf of someone who was probably one of the few real Catholics in all of Cuba. Sorry, I forgot. Never mind.

  2. Just wanted to share a line from Juan Abreu at his Emanaciones blog: “¿Y qué es el fidelismo sino nazismo tercermundista? (And what is Fidelism but third-world Nazism?). He also cites, approvingly, the memoirs of Victor Klemperer, a Jew who experienced the Nazi terror and advocated forgiving ordinary people who went along with Nazism, but never the intellectuals, whom he suggested be hung from lamp posts and left there as long as possible.

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