Reports from Cuba: Ladies in White denounce new act of repudiation against movement’s headquarters

14yMedio in Translating Cuba:

The Ladies In White Denounce A New Act Of Repudiation Against The Headquarters Of The Movement
Act of repudiation in front of the headquarters of the Ladies in White in Havana, Thursday

A new act of repudiation against the Ladies in White is developing right now outside the headquarters of the movement in the Havana neighborhood of Lawton. Since this morning the activists reported civilian groups with flags, loudspeakers and a projection screen that had been summoned to the street that leads to the house, according to the government opponent Martha Beatriz Roque.

At least five Ladies in White were arrested before reaching the site, where there are 43 women celebrating their traditional literary tea. On a “big screen” in front of the house, are projected “words of Berta Soler and images of activities” undertaken by the leader of the movement in travel to other countries.

A witness at the scene told 14ymedio by telephone that repudiation groups were burning “leaflets and books” in garbage cans. According to nearby residents, who requested anonymity, the pamphlets were the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, information that could not be confirmed by another source.

From the site of the group’s headquarters the activists threw leaflets and balloons with messages.