Rewarding Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship only encourages more Cubans to flee

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The Editorial Board of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:

Rewarding the Castros is only encouraging more Cubans to flee

As the Obama administration presses to loosen the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba, thousands of Cubans are pressing ahead on their long journey to enter the United States.

Since President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro began normalizing relations in 2014, Cubans’ determination to escape their island’s oppressive regime has never been stronger. A Texas TV station reports that at least 7,000 Cuban refugees are heading toward the U.S. border. To reach ports of entry in South Texas, Cubans are making the long, arduous journey from Central America through Mexico to the border.

“In Cuba, there’s nothing. There’s no freedom,” says one observer.

But if the Obama administration is striving to open new avenues of commerce, why the exodus from Cuba? That’s because without regime change, any economic windfall will go directly into the pockets of the Castro brothers.

And whereas Cubans have been seeking refugee status in America “since the dawn of the Castro regime,” under Obama’s “normalization” they’ll be regarded no longer as refugees but as illegal aliens, writes Rick Moran for the American Thinker.

But rather than concern himself with the crippling injustices facing Cubans, Mr. Obama instead extended his courtesy to a despicable dictatorship. The unintended consequence has given Cubans even more reason to flee their country.