Nearly 200 dissidents violently arrested in Cuba by U.S.-backed dictatorship on 39th Sunday of repression
39th Sunday of violent repression in Cuba – Photo: Angel Moya

Another Sunday of violent repression in Cuba as the U.S.-backed apartheid Castro dictatorship unleashed another brutal wave of oppression against peaceful dissidents taking part in the weekly #TodosMarchamos (We all march) protest march campaign. It was the 39th Sunday of the campaign as well as the 39th Sunday that they were viciously attacked by State Security thugs. By the end of the day, nearly 200 peaceful pro-democracy human rights activists had been violently arrested by the Castro regime.

This is the Hope and Change Obama’s Cuba policy has brought to Cuba: Unconditional U.S. support and impunity for Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship.

Diario de Cuba has the report (my translation):

Two hundred #TodosMarchamos activists arrested in Havana and Santiago de Cuba

Reports from the island indicated that more than 170 activists from the Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU) and the Orlando Zapata Tamayo Resistance Front were arrested this Sunday in Guantanamo and Camaguey as they took part in the #TodosMarchamos campaign.

The leader of the organization, Jose Daniel Ferrer, was arrested and held for three hours along with 58 activists from Santiago de Cuba who were attempting to reach the church sanctuary of La Virgen del Cobre.

In the city of Agramote, UNPACU leader Jorge Cervantes was arrested while on his way back to Havana to participate in a meeting of the “Otro 18” campaign.

In Havana, opposition leader Angel Moya reports via Twitter that 15 Ladies in White were arrested. A group of 25 women marched down 5th Avenue accompanied by 27 activists from other organizations.