New legislature in Venezuela to investigate drug trafficking ties of Cuban-controlled socialist government

Cuba’s criminally corrupt Castro dictatorship has made millions from drug trafficking over the decades and it should not come as a surprise to anyone they expanded their narcotics business to their Venezuelan colony.

By Frances Martel in Breitbart:

Venezuelan Legislature to Investigate Socialist Gov’t Ties to Drug Trafficking

The recently sworn-in opposition legislature of Venezuela will investigate a number of government enterprises for links to drug trafficking operations, the head of the National Assembly’s Oversight Commission confirmed Monday.

Ismael García, the head of the commission, confirmed that the committee would exercise its constitutional power over a number of government agencies opposition members believe are responsible for a number of economic and political crises in the nation. The national agencies responsible for distributing foodstuffs (PDVAL) and the agency governing the sale of food will both come under scrutiny for having potentially played a role in the severe shortages that have ravaged the nation, creating supermarket lines that take 5-6 hours to clear.

Legislators will also investigate the agency responsible for the nation’s fuel market, Venezuela Petroleum (PDVSA). García suggested the potential finding of “irregular facts” regarding the running of PDVSA, some that could potentially uncover ties to drug trafficking.

In particular, the legislature appears to be most interested in finding more information about the notorious Cartel de los Soles, one of Latin America’s largest cocaine trafficking operations. The cartel is named for the sun medallions that Venezuelan soldiers wear on their lapels, and it has been repeatedly linked to high-ranking military officials in the country.

“The best way to help our armed forces, to give them moral support, is to find the truth about the Cartel de los Soles,” legislator Julio Montoya told the Diario de las Américas. “This begins with a serious conversation in the Parliament. We cannot explain how there are youths being found with drugs abroad that have diplomatic passports,” he added.

The “youths being found with drugs abroad” example may be an allusion to Efraín Antonio Campo Flores, 29, and Francisco Flores de Freitas, 30, the nephews of President Nicolás Maduro. Campos Flores and Flores de Freitas were arrested in the Caribbean en route to New York, and are currently being tried in the Southern District of New York for attempting to smuggle 800 kilograms of cocaine into the United States.

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