Cuban escapes Castrogonia by windsurfing his way to U.S.

While thousands of slumming foreigners pour into Castrogonia constantly, straining its government-owned apartheid tourist industry, Cubans continue to flee their island prison in record numbers.

One resourceful and daring Cuban managed to find his way to Key West this week by windsurfing.

He’s not the first such windsurfer, and he won’t be the last either.

Never mind the beautiful photo above.  Chances are that his equipment was home-made and crude, just like most of the rafts used by Cubans to cross the Florida Straits.

Talk about feats of daring.  This act in the normalization circus tops any trapeze or high wire performance!

From Keys News:

Cuban migrant windsurfs to Navy property

A Cuba migrant windsurfed across the Florida Straits and came ashore at Naval Air Station Key West property in the Truman Annex Tuesday afternoon.

The migrant told Navy personnel that he had been on the water for about 12 hours, said NAS Key West spokeswoman. He was spotted by nearby Joint Interagency Task Force South security cameras and received medical care.

Custom and Border Protection agents responded to the Navy property, she added.

The incident marked the fourth time since 2014 that federal agencies have searched or found Cuban migrants using the method to cross the dangerous Florida Straits.

In April 2014, the Coast Guard searched for, but never found, a migrant reportedly windsurfing after they received a call from his wife. It was not clear if she lived in Florida or Cuba.

In February 2014, a Cuban windsurfer came ashore in Key West at The Reach Resort, 1435 Simonton St. He told federal authorities that there were two others still at sea.

Two days later, a good Samaritan found the second man drifting on a windsurfing board, about seven to 10 miles south of Big Pine Key. He was dehydrated and exhausted, but otherwise uninjured.

The next day, a good Samaritan found the third man on the southeast side of Marquesas Keys. The Coast Guard picked him up shortly thereafter.

The three men left from Jibacoa, Cuba, a fishing village in the Mayabeque Province on the island nation’s northwest coastline, according to the first windsurfer who landed at The Reach Resort.

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  1. Well, you know, there are always nut cases around, so this doesn’t have to mean anything–and you bet it doesn’t to the usual suspects. If it doesn’t support the official narrative, it’s simply dismissed or ignored (not unlike “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit”).

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