In the 13th month of the normalization circus, 1,414 Cubans arrested

Normalization in action

The number of arrests keep climbing in Castrogonia.

And the gifts keep flowing into King Raul’s treasury.

From EFE via La Prensa


Cuban opposition group reports 1,414 political arrests in January

The Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation on Thursday said that political repression continues to increase on the island, adding that there were at least 1,414 political arrests in January.

The opposition group, the only one to tally incidents of this kind in Cuba, said in its monthly report on political repression that the number of arrests in January was exceeded only last November, when there were 1,447.

The Commission, headed by Elizardo Sanchez, said that, besides the arrests, in January 56 peaceful opposition figures were the victims of physical attacks, three suffered acts of repudiation, there were 68 incidents of harassment and two of vandalism.

According to the Commission, these acts were orchestrated by State Security and other “repressive bodies and parapolice elements” in Cuba, where the government “has been exercising power in an authoritarian manner for 58 years.”

The government, the organization says, is resorting more frequently to prolonged arrests and temporary incarcerations without trial, and these can last for months, as a “policy designed to wear down the opposition members.”

“The number of prisoners is increasing without cessation and in the enormous prison system subhuman and degrading conditions of internment continue to prevail, at the same time that the government continues refusing to accept the cooperation of the International Red Cross and other international NGOs,” the Commission said.

Cuba’s Communist government dismisses most dissidents as “counterrevolutionaries” and “mercenaries.”

Biggest gift-giver of all

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  1. Maybe we’re being too literal and not sufficiently, uh, imaginative. Maybe we should see this whole normalization scheme through a Jesuit prism, as the pope apparently saw the Marxist monstrosity presented to him by Evo Morales in Bolivia. You know, just do a hermeneutics and MAKE it be OK.

    On would hope, for his sake, that Bergoglio really, truly believes he’s doing the right thing–which of course does NOT preclude that he’s egregiously wrong, but at least he’d be less culpable.

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