Insane government news story of the day from Brazil

The lunacy of enabling terrorists officially now sanctioned by the Brazilian government. I suppose we can expect more of this.

Via Fausta’s Blog:

The first one in our hemisphere, and designed to make a statement (emphasis added):

Built on a piece of land that is more than 17,000 square feet and donated by the Brazilian government when it was led by former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the space is considered large in comparison to other diplomatic missions. Topped with a golden dome, the building resembles the famous mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas laid the cornerstone for the building in 2011.

Lula donated a strategic location in his own country’s capital: There’s a security component,
The inauguration of the embassy comes as Brazil and Israel tussle over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s nominee to fill the vacant Israeli envoy position.
The closeness of the new embassy to major Brazilian governmental buildings, including the Planalto Palace, Congress, Supreme Court and ministries, has been widely criticized due to security concerns.

“Diplomats and their vehicles cannot be checked. The embassy is a sovereign Hamas area now,” an unnamed military source told Brazil’s Veja magazine in an article published last year. “The site is strategic. Terrorists could access the whole governmental structure in a half an hour.”

For decades the Brazilian government has ignored Hezbollah’s activities in the Tr-Border Area. Now Hamas and the PA have a strategically-important spot in the middle of Brasilia.

What could possibly go wrong?