Horror of horrors: Canadian tourists treated just like Cubans, again!

Disgruntled apartheid-loving Canadians

Here we go again….

A morally bankrupt Canadian family who chose to vacation in the Castro Kingdom ended up being treated like Cubans and they didn’t like their experience at all.

Surprise! Imagine that, such a negative turn of events in one of the world’s most repressive nations!  Gee.

What’s this world coming to?  Imagine that, Canadians getting the same treatment as Cubans!  Holy smokes!  Wow!

Where’s apartheid when you really need it, eh?

Ignoble savages, those subhuman Cubans!

Memories Cayo Santa Maria apartheid resort

From CBC Saskatchewan:

Regina family’s dream vacation in Cuba turns to ‘nightmare’

Members of a Regina family say their dream vacation in Cuba “turned into a nightmare”.

Kelly Morrison, her husband Steve, and their two children, stayed at the Memories Resort in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba from Jan. 26 to Feb. 2.

“Everything was great for the first few days,” Kelly Morrison said in a news release. “That all changed, however, last Saturday.”

On the morning of Jan. 30, Morrison opened their hotel room safe and found her wedding rings and money were nowhere to be found. She said about $170 Cdn and 130 Cuban convertible pesos (worth slightly less than $200 Cdn.) was missing.

When Morrison reported it as a theft to the hotel staff, they were told to fill out a report. That’s when Morrison said she was interviewed by the resort’s staff.

“Rather than an interview, it became an interrogation,” she said. “It was clear they didn’t believe our story. They thought we made up the whole thing.”

Morrison said security staff at the resort then went to their hotel room to search the family’s belongings. The missing items were not found.

According to Morrison, they were then told by the resort staff to leave everything in their rooms, including their passports. The family was moved to another part of the resort.?

After a few hours of waiting, Morrison said the resort told the family they could move back to their room and get their belongings, but only if they withdrew their statement alleging a theft from their safe.

“Obviously, they were only interested in keeping this incident quiet, rather than helping us,” Morrison said. “They refused to believe anyone else was in our room. They even threatened to kick us out of the hotel if we ‘made a scene’ and told other guests about what happened.”

Continue reading HERE to find out how this story ends (bet you can’t guess, eh?)

Hurry up, Canadians. See Cuba before Americans ruin it!

3 thoughts on “Horror of horrors: Canadian tourists treated just like Cubans, again!”

  1. “I would advise everyone to stay as far away as possible from Memories Santa Maria. I guarantee we’ll be choosing another destination for our next family vacation.” Does that mean another country or a different resort in Cuba? It’s not clear, and I wouldn’t put it past these cretins to return to Castrogonia. Still, you gotta love how they’re shocked, SHOCKED! that the minions of a totalitarian regime would act anything like it. Maybe Canadians really are borderline retarded, after all. Sheesh.

  2. They obviously did not believe their story, they assert.
    Oh, my dear, but they did believe it.
    Just as Marco Rubio tried to tell America, and if something is true it is worth repeating if no one else on that stage except Cruz seemed to want to believe it, Obama knows exactly what he is doing. The Cubans do,, too.

  3. Even if the Castronoid minions this Canadian woman had to endure are slimeballs (which they are), they have no reason to respect people like her, because such people are not only asking for it but keep coming back for more. Do you think Canadians, by far the biggest source of foreign tourist revenue for Castro, Inc., would ever be treated like this if it was likely to turn Canadians off to Cuba as a destination? The Castro people are a lot of things, but they’re not stupid–they know very well how far they can and cannot go and with whom (see Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Obama, for starters). If Canadians insist on being amoral, hypocritical enablers of totalitarian tyranny, the least they can do is suck up the consequences.

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