Cuba’s Time Machine


time machine 2

By Enrique del Risco on his blog Enrisco (my translation):

The Time Machine

During the last decade of the previous century at the start of the massive influx of Spanish investment and tourism in Cuba , a joke was going around making fun of the friction that existed between the anti-Spanish nationalist discourse and the new economic alliance. It was about a Spaniard in a restaurant who is served a bottle of Hatuey beer and when he asks who the man is pictured on the beer label, the waiter, aware of the possibility he can offend the customer, responds:

That was just some indigenous guy who had personal issues and set himself on fire.”

Now, with the “normalization” of relations between Cuba and the United States, the time has come to “normalize” personal and collective histories. Emigrating because of personal issues; rafters because of personal issues; people who lost their businesses and properties because of personal issues; executed because of personal issues; cities or entire countries destroyed because of personal issues.

If the past gets in the way when it comes time to resolve certain problems in the present, well you just have to change it. We have already seen that it is much easier to change the past than it is to change the present.

There will soon come a time where it will become more difficult to predict Cuba’s past than it will be to predict its future. We already know the future will be a piece of shit, but the past, on the other hand, is just full of surprises.