Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are NOT “Latino or Hispanic traitors”–OK!…CAN WE TALK!!?





Conservative websites are barnstorming about the stupidity of millenials for backing socialist Bernie Sanders…”shows their “lack of education, blah..blah..blah.” Fine. Point taken.

Then many of these will turn around defend Cruz and Rubio against liberal attacks for their “ethnic treason”–but without daring to touch the essence of the issue. To wit: Cruz (half Spanish) and Rubio (fully Spanish) have nothing ethnically in common with the people denouncing them as ethnic traitors. You cannot be an “ethnic traitor” to people who do not share your ethnicity.

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GOT THAT?!….OKAY! CAN WE TALK!!! “Lack of education”– INDEED! So here: Listen up:  Spain is a nation in Europe comprising most of the Iberian Peninsula which was known as Hispania when part of the Roman Empire. This area of Europe was originally peopled mostly by Celtic peoples.

The “Hispanic” Dolores Huerta, who lobbied (often FROM Cuba) for the release of Communist spies who spied on U.S. military bases and who murdered U.S. citizens (and who was awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom by Obama) ranks among the most prominent and vociferous “Hispanics” denouncing “Hispanics” Cruz and Rubio as “traitors!” to “Hispanics.”

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Oh,  I know…I know…”American is an idea …we’re the universal nation blah…blah…blah….Republicans need to outreach to minorities”…blah…blah…”we should forget about hyphens and identity politics” blah…blah…blah… yada…yada…yada.” All fine and good.  And to some extent all this feel-goodism certainly applies–and can be as heart-warming as the old Coke commercial.  But here’s the reality:

  • Americans of  European ancestry tend to vote Republican and favor free-market policies, of varying degrees.
  • Americans of African ancestry and Americans of Meso-American Indian ancestry (called “Latinos” or “Hispanics”by the media for some insane reason) tend to vote Democratic and favor socialistic policies of varying degrees.

Yes, yes…I know..I  KNOW!-– there’s plenty overlap in voting habits among the above groups. Hence I stress “tend”…but still:

Cruz and Rubio are Americans of European ancestry–and thus their policies are (mostly) in sync with the political  habits of their ethnic peers. Thus they are not traitors to these ethnic peers. END OF STORY!….


“Y PAL CARAJO!”  (SOMEBODY had to FINALLY say it!)


“Just what the doctor ordered! Humberto’s books read like my concerts sound!  (Ted Nugent)


“Humberto Fontova’s book teaches us truths about Castro’s island that are very discomfiting for many intellectuals.” (Ana Botella, Spain’s former First Lady while giving a book reading in Madrid, upon “Fidel; HFT” release in Spain)

(CHECK IT OUT!…A Hispanic plugged my book!–OOOPS! Sorry. ..Ana Botella is actually a full-blooded Spaniard. So she obviously doesn’t qualify as “Hispanic.”


3 thoughts on “Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are NOT “Latino or Hispanic traitors”–OK!…CAN WE TALK!!?”

  1. No, the “Latinos” are NOT Latin, except for the Italian immigrants who settled in Argentina, and speaking a certain language has nothing to do with ethnicity, since anybody, potentially, could speak any language. Cruz doesn’t even speak Spanish, for crying out loud. But yes, we’re dealing with people who are at best willfully ignorant or obtuse, if not genuinely stupid, and who are not acting in good faith, but pushing a twisted sociopolitical agenda. In any case, they are NOT my people, they’ve never done a damn thing to help Cuba but quite the opposite, and I owe them NOTHING–except, of course, disdain.

  2. Obama honoring the essentially treasonous Huerta is quite comparable to inviting and warmly welcoming (with a hug, even) the rapper “Common” to the White House, despite the protests of law enforcement entities due to the fact that “Common” had written a song in praise of convicted cop killer Joanne Chesimard, aka Assata Shakur. Obama is not just saying “Fuck you” to “those people,” but saying it to this country and Americans in general–and it’s really no different than Jeremiah Wright’s rallying cry of “G-d damn America.” Obama didn’t listen to the odious man’s sermons for some 20 years for nothing.

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