The elitist dictatorship of Cuba’s Communist Party

Roberto Alvarez Quiñones in Diario de Cuba:

The PCC’s elitist dictatorship

The ruling elite in Havana, along with Latin American and international leftist militants bristle when the Castro regime is described as a military dictatorship. Meanwhile, heads of State around the world treat Raúl Castro as an honourable president, rather than a dictator.

Havana argues that in Cuba there is no dictatorship, but rather the most genuine democracy on Earth; as there is no capitalist private property, there is no exploitation of man by man, and the State and the Communist Party speak for the people, etc.

However, the Marxist, post-Marxist and devout Third World leftists converging at the Sao Paulo Forum (created in 1990 by Fidel Castro and Lula Da Silva), and the enraged members of Spain’s “Podemos” party, for example, do not want to be called Communists, but rather anti-capitalists, anti-system, “the outraged,” or Socialists. But the word “Communist” smacks of failure. They don’t like it.

But they are Communists, a new generation of them, disciples of the most conspicuous anti-capitalist ideologue in history: Karl Marx – who actually announced that the State resulting from a Socialist revolution is a dictatorship (of the proletariat?).

It doesn´t matter that nobody speaks of the “proletariat” any longer, a word inevitably undercut by the technological revolution, which has made the classic image of blue-collared workers emerging from factories with smoking chimneys an anachronism. But the power of the “indignant masses” is the neo-Communists’ objective, now along with their anarchist allies, vestiges of the 19th century, even if oblivious to their origins.

A mathematical question

And what is the structural nature of this dictatorship? In Cuba its tyrannical nature is evident not only in its authoritarian ideology, but for mathematical reasons not widely known internationally.

It is simple: according to the Socialist Constitution, the Communist Party, or Partido Comunista (PCC) “is the supreme directing power in society and the State.” That is, the PCC, and not the country’s president and Government, are constitutionally and legally the holders of political power on the island.

It turns out that the State Party lists about 720,000 members, and the Union of Young Communists (UJC) claims some 450,000 … but the country has a population of 11.2 million. In other words, 9 out of 10 Cubans are not Communists, in a Communist country.

As the Communist Party, not the UJC, is the supreme political power and, according to official statistics, the island now has 8.9 million adults (over the age of 16), this means that only 7.9% of Cuban adults are actually members of the PCC. The other 92.1% are not Communists.

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