I voted for Marco Rubio this week

We vote early in Texas. In fact, I have not voted on election day since standing in line to vote for Bush in 1988.

Today, I voted for Senator Rubio in the Texas GOP primary.

To be honest, I did not start out as a Rubio supporter.   I was very impressed with the governors, from Kasich of Ohio to Bush of Florida to Walker of Wisconsin to our own Perry of Texas.   We learned over the last few months that those men did not turn on the voters despite very successful records as governors.

Today, we are really down to three: Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

Trump will lose to Hillary Clinton and Cruz will not unite the party.

So I voted for Rubio because he has the broadest appeal and beats Clinton in the polls.

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3 thoughts on “I voted for Marco Rubio this week”

  1. Silvio, kindly spare us your political propaganda on Babalu. I dislike Marco and his slippery politician talk–in my opinion he is not to be trusted, as he’ll do or say anything to get elected, You are free to vote for whomever you prefer, but I don’t want to hear about it here, OK?

  2. Elemaza, Silvio is a contributor to this blog and is free to blog about Marco Rubio or any other candidate. Val,, Ziva, Alberto and I are all supporting Marco Rubio and although we haven’t taken a vote among all the contributors that’s enough to make it official. Babalu supports Marco. If we lose a reader or two, so be it. OK?

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