Surprise! New York Times declares all Cubans to be “non-white,” frees Castro regime from charges of racism



Yep, “non-white.”  We’ve all known this for a long time.

Simply because we speak Spanish,  we Cubans are all “non-whites” — or “people of colour,” the preferred term among liberals, which, as they see it,  is somehow different from the politically incorrect term, “colored people.”

Common knowledge, yes.  The logic behind it is ancient.  After all, as the French like to put it, “Africa begins at the Pyrenees.”

But now the New York Times has made this prejudice official, for sure, forever, per omnia seculae seculorum.

All Cubans are “non-white” regardless of their pigmentation or genetic heritage.

In a recent article spawned by the liberal meltdown over the racial composition of this year’s list of Oscar nominees, the NYT published graphic proof of the existence of white privilege by means of photographs.

The article in question —“The Faces of American Power: Nearly As White as the Oscar Nominees”— uses photographs of leaders in various fields, including government, to support its claim that “white privilege” is still an awful and undeniable fact in the United States.

Unwittingly, the NYT has thus let us all know why it is perfectly acceptable for Cubans to be ruled by an oligarchy of light-skinned old men.   Since everyone in Cuba is “non-white,” you see, it makes no difference how light-skinned or how genetically European any of its rulers are, or how few Afro-Cubans enjoy positions of power and privilege.

So, there you have it.  Since all Cubans are “non-white” there is no such thing as “white privilege” in Castrogonia, and no racism either.

Never mind the fact that 70% of the island’s population claims descent from African slaves.  No Afro-Cuban can ever be a victim of racism.  Racism simply cannot exist in a country where everyone is “non-white.”

“Non-White”military junta according to The New York Times

3 thoughts on “Surprise! New York Times declares all Cubans to be “non-white,” frees Castro regime from charges of racism”

  1. The New York Times is so full of it, so discredited and disreputable, so drenched in bad faith and oozing perversity (and NOT just regarding Cubans) that it might as well state, officially and categorically, that Cruz and Rubio are actually Martians. Same difference. If people want to believe BS, they will–people are capable of believing practically anything, no matter how absurd or outrageous, especially if it suits them or gratifies them somehow. There is essentially no difference between the NYT and people like Michael Moore, Al Sharpton and Warren Wilhelm (aka Bill de Blasio), except how long they’ve been at it and their corresponding degree of pretension. In other words, the NYT is basically a propaganda organ, however glorified, and it does not deserve to be taken any more seriously than Pravda or Granma.

  2. Besides perversity, bad faith, bigotry (there’s nothing more racist than a patronizing liberal) and hatred of Cubans, the New York Times adamantly promotes the idea that by the year 2050, this will be a majority non-white country. They do this by treating Hispanics (or as they refer to us as lateenos) as one undistinguished mass of brown people. So even though Rubio is a lily-white iberocelt with roots in Galicia, he’s still not white. Ironically, someone like dark complected Governor Cuomo of NY with roots in Sicily where people get sickle cell anemia is unquestionably white.

  3. Well, to be fair, the white old farts who control Cuba (not to mention Nosferatu) are like reverse Oreo cookies: white on the outside but VERY black on the inside.

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