Frosty meeting between Pope Che and new Argentine president


It seems that Pope Che does indeed favor some heads of state more than others, and that he doesn’t try to hide his displeasure around those he doesn’t like.

On Saturday, Pope Che met with fellow Argentine Mauricio Macri, the new non-leftist president of Argentina, and the photos of that encounter show a very unhappy pope.

The brief meeting  — which lasted only about 20 minutes — was described by various sources as tense.

In addition, the meeting was not held at the pope’s residence, but in a much more formal setting at a Vatican office.  Former Argentine president Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, in contrast, would meet with the pope more informally at his residence.

So, it seems clear that when Pope Che constantly smiles around King Raul Castro he’s not putting on an act at all, but rather displaying genuine signs of affection.

Where’s my hammer-and-sickle crucifix?

From TeleSur

Unhappy Pope Has ‘Cold Meeting’ with Argentina’s Macri

Pope Francis and Argentine President Mauricio Macri met privately for 20 minutes on Saturday at the Vatican, holding what the international press is describing as a “cold meeting,” a description supported by photographic evidence.

It was the first encounter between the two since Macri was elected president of Argentina last since, and since Jorge Bergoglio became Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church.

However, both know each other very well, as prior to becoming pontiff Francis was archbishop of Buenos Aires when Macri was that city’s mayor. In 2009, the two had a falling out when Macri decided not to appeal a court decision allow a gay couple to obtain a marriage license.

Macri spoke briefly to the press, describing the Saturday meeting as “a contact between two old friends.” He said they both agreed on the urgency need to work for unity in Argentina.

The conservative president received a less-than-friendly greeting when he arrived in Rome, as dozens of people gathered outside the hotel where he was staying to protest.

Amid banging drums and dancing, the demonstrators held banners that read, “Homeland yes, Vultures, no,” a reference to Argentina’s battle with international creditors over its defaulted debt.


More photos & details from El Comercio HERE, in Spanish
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2 thoughts on “Frosty meeting between Pope Che and new Argentine president”

  1. This is all too telling–painfully so. One would think Bergoglio could at least fake propriety better, but evidently he doesn’t want to and sees no call for it, so he’s just being himself–like Obama. His astonishing ease and cordial chumminess with the Castro tyrants was apparently genuine and “natural,” and as I’ve said before, I don’t think he saw anything wrong with it. Can you imagine him in a meeting with Pinochet? Well, if he got on better with that moron Morales and the ghastly Cretina than with Macri, that’s pretty much all one needs to know, and one knows a good bit already.

    When you see people being clearly and openly inappropriate or “controversial” despite being in the public eye, either they’re doing it deliberately to offend or provoke, or they’re convinced they’re in the right and see no need for discretion (the other possibility is being convinced they’ll get away with it). Any way you slice this, there’s definitely a problem here, and it’s hardly subtle. Lord have mercy.

  2. So he received Cretina in his private residence. What does he take her for? A good Catholic? He couldn’t possibly be that clueless or gullible. Is it even conceivable that anyone with half a brain would take the appalling witch seriously? Apart from copious other reasons to keep the woman at arm’s length, one will suffice: Alberto Nisman, whom she may well have had murdered, not to mention the associated Iran terrorism connection. So why show her anything but the most cursory and perfunctory “civility,” which is all he apparently deigns to show Macri? Yes, indeed, this is all VERY telling.

    And, needless to say, the numerous photos of Don Francisco being conspicuously, effusively and quite scandalously amiable and jovial with Cuba’s horrendous totalitarian despots will live in infamy, where they already reside. Lord, the nausea.

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