Cuban dissidents criticize Obama’s visit to the island

Unfortunately for Cuba’s dissidents and the Cuban people in general, President Obama’s “Cuba policy” is aimed only at making sure the repressive dictatorship of the apartheid Castro regime stays in power.

Guillermo Martinez in the Sun Sentinel:

Cuban dissidents criticize Obama’s trip to the island

It was on a quiet Saturday night, in a large house near Biscayne Bay.

There, one or two score of Cuban dissidents met with a handful of Cuban exiles interested in hearing from these dissidents what they thought of what was happening in Cuba — and particularly what they thought of President Obama’s trip to the island later this month.

Among the better-known dissidents were two who have paid with lengthy prison sentences because of their opposition to the regime.

The well-known graffiti artist (Danilo Maldonado Machado), better known as El Sexto, spent 10 months in jail for taking two piglets and on their backs painting the names of “Fidel” and “Raúl.”

It is important to note that El Sexto’s jail term came without a trial. The government’s secret police simply came one day, picked him up and sent him to the Valle Grande prison.

Times have changed, however. International human rights organizations interceded for him and he was freed.

This year, El Sexto traveled to Miami, where his work is being displayed through March 17 at the Market Gallery. His work includes paintings done in Holland, Cuba and the United States.

When asked where he got the inspiration to paint the name of Fidel and Raul on the back of two piglets, he responded with a smile: “George Orwell (Animal Farm) is to blame.”

Jorge Luis Pérez (Antunes) was the best-known dissident at this dinner. He has been jailed several times by the regime.

He is the leader of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front — a civil society named for a political prisoner who died of a hunger strike in 2010.

Antunes, an imposing Afro-Cuban man, has experienced the regime’s discrimination against minorities. He say black Cubans do not have the same education and career opportunities as white Cubans.

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