Harvey Weinstein and Michael Moore Celebrate Cuba’s healthcare in their Commie propaganda film Sicko

(Michael Moore and Harvey Weinstein in Cannes where their communist propaganda film Sicko was showered with awards and hailed with thunderous standing ovations.)

”Cuba is a very poor country, our embargo has made life very difficult for them, and yet in spite of that they are able to put together a healthcare system that guarantees they have a better life span than we do, a better infant mortality rate and more doctors per capita,” (Michael Moore explaining segments of his movie Sicko.)

(Scenes from Sicko showing jubilant Cuban patients in Cuba’s state-of-the-art hospitals.) 

In fact, 99 percent of Cubans have no more experience with a hospital like the one featured in Sicko than Michael Moore has with a Soloflex. Most Cubans view a hospital like the one featured in Sicko the way teen-age boys used to view Playboy magazine: “WOW!–If only!”

Below please see pics smuggled out of  Cuba’s REAL hospitals by Cuban dissidents



 A few years ago Sean Hannity ran a special show featuring  smuggled videos of conditions inside REAL Cuban hospitals.


Gail Reed ( a favorite guest of the U.S. media on Cuba healthcare) first visited Cuba in 1969 with the KGB-directed “Venceremos Brigades,” alongside Bill Ayres’ wife Bernadine Dohrn.  And for the past 40 years Havana resident Gail Reed has been married to a high-ranking officer of Cuba’s DGI (Castro’s KGB-founded-funded and mentored secret police) named Julian Torres Rizo. Full documentation for this item here. 

During the 1950s when all Cubans were perfectly free to emigrate with all family, and property and U.S. visas were issued to them for the asking, and flights and ferries ran daily from Cuba to Florida—during this entire period about the same number of Americans lived in Cuba as Cubans in the U.S. In 1953 more Cubans vacationed (then voluntarily went home) from the U.S. than Americans vacationed in Cuba. Alas, none of this features in The Godfather II. So it’s mostly unknown.

From this base Castro and Che created an island slum, sewer and prison ravaged by diseases unknown in Cuba since 1900, boasting the highest suicide rate in the hemisphere and repelling even Haitians. This after stealing $2 billion from U.S. businessmen, $25 billion from Cubans and being lavished with the equivalent of ten Marshall Plans by Soviet subsidies. This socialist economic feat defies not only the laws of economics but seemingly the very laws of physics.


Prior to Castroism, Cuba, which enjoyed a higher standard of living than much of Europe and the 13th lowest infant-mortality on earth, was swamped with more immigrants per capita than the U.S.


–But since Castro took power OVER TWENTY TIMES as many Cubans have died trying to escape Cuba as Germans died trying to escape East Germany over the Berlin Wall and other deadly barriers. Full-documentation for this item here.




“Absolutely devastating. An enlightening and shocking read you’ll never forget.” (David Limbaugh on Fidel; Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.)


“In his latest book my American warrior blood-brother Humberto Fontova once again performs the ultimate we the people duty of spotlighting cockroaches for a better America!” (Ted Nugent)

Castro is considered lovable by many celebrities–but the fact is the Cuban people are suffering. It’s well worth reading a book by Humberto Fontova, who lists all the facts–and also footnotes them!” (Radio Superstar Dennis Prager.)

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