Castronoids at UN try to silence Rosa Maria Paya

See Castronoid repression in action: watch video above.

At the UN Human Rights Council meeting today Rosa Maria Paya –speaking as a representative of Freedom House — tried to address this international forum, but the Castronoids tried to shut her up repeatedly by raising ridiculously hypocritical points of order.

The Castronoids claimed they were not trying to stifle free speech at all, but were merely trying to defend parliamentary rules.

It’s painful to watch, not just because of the Castro delegation’s behavior, but also that of the many other nations who join in lockstep the attempt to silence Rosa Maria.

The well-coordinated attack by the Castronoids is joined by the usual suspects: Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Bolivia, Pakistan, Eritrea, Egypt.

These diplomatic goons outnumber those who come to Rosa Maria’s defense: U.S., Canada, U.K., Slovenia, Netherlands, Switzerland.

Rosa Maria closed by saying that the “tyrannical government” of Cuba “might be able to silence her, but it won’t be able to silence the Cuban people.”

Sad, sad spectacle, graced only by the valor of one young Cuban woman.


2 thoughts on “Castronoids at UN try to silence Rosa Maria Paya”

  1. And no, the UN is not ashamed to condone such a spectacle. But then how could it be, when it puts notorious, flagrant human rights violators on its Human Rights Commission? It’s all an obscene farce, and the sooner the plug is pulled on it, the better.

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