Perhaps it’s time for some prayer, fasting, sackcloth and ashes?

God help us all.

Maybe flagellant processions could help, in addition to other forms of extreme penance?

Aaaay Dios mio! Le zuuuuumba!

Tremendo rollo…  Es la hora de los mameyes…  Nos sacamos la rifa del guanajo…

Ñoooooo!  Fatal!  *^%$#@!&+”@#$!

American voters in several states have cast their votes…..

And the winners are…..

Darth Obama 2


The Trumpinator

Data gathered in exit polls reveals composite image of average voter:


1 thought on “Perhaps it’s time for some prayer, fasting, sackcloth and ashes?”

  1. The Trump phenomenon is appalling, but his supporters are entitled to being angry and frustrated with the ineffectual, complacent, indolent and self-serving GOP establishment, which simply wants to stay in the game, not win it. Its ultimately collaborationist go-along-to-get-along MO is simply not respectable, and it’s been going on too long to justify continued tolerance. Unfortunately, those rightfully fed up with business-as-usual have chosen an exceedingly poor alternative, but the principal problem remains the roughly 50% of the electorate responsible for Obama’s election and re-election and prepared to vote for people like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. The compound double whammy is very grave indeed, because we’re basically talking about a seriously dysfunctional society. God help us.

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