A refresher course on Cuba: The lies of Fidel Castro

Just in time for the presidential visit to apartheid communist Cuba, a refresher course on the many lies told by the Castro regime that like the struggle and suffering of Cuba’s courageous human rights and democracy activists, President Obama can look the other way and simply ignore.

Via Focus on Cuba from the University of Miami’s Institute for Cuban and Cuban American Studies:


Fidel Castro’s Lies / Las Mentiras de Fidel Castro

“The Cubans are living in conditions worse than those the Indians lived before Columbus.” Fidel Castro, 1953.
“Los cubanos están viviendo en peores circunstancias que los indios que Colón descubrió.” Fidel Castro, 1953.

“We’ll re-establish a democratic government in Cuba.” Fidel Castro, 1953.
“Regresaremos a Cuba a un gobierno democrático.” Fidel Castro, 1953.

“The 26 of July Movement has never spoken about socializing or nationalizing industries in Cuba.” Fidel Castro, May 1958.
“Nunca ha hablado el Movimiento 26 de julio de socializar o nacionalizar la industria.” Fidel Castro, mayo de 1958.

“I’m not interested in power.” Fidel Castro, January 1, 1959.
“El poder no me interesa, ni pienso ocuparlo.” Fidel Castro, 1 de enero de 1959.

“There will be freedom of speech for those who support us and for those who oppose us and criticize us.” Fidel Castro, January 1, 1959.
“Habrá libertad para los que hablan a favor nuestro y para los que hablan en contra nuestro y nos critican”. Fidel Castro, 1 de enero de 1959.

“We’ll re-establish all rights and freedoms, including freedom of the press.” Fidel Castro, January 3, 1959.
“Restableceremos todos los derechos y libertades, incluyendo la absoluta libertad de prensa”. Fidel Castro, 3 de enero de 1959.

“We have freedom of speech. The world knows that where there is a revolutionary, there is freedom of speech.” Fidel Castro, January 4, 1959.
“Libertad de prensa hay ahora, porque sabe todo el mundo que mientras quede un revolucionario en pie habrá libertad de prensa en Cuba.” Fidel Castro, 4 de enero de 1959.

“Ideas are to be defended with reason. Not with guns. I love democracy.” Fidel Castro, January 7, 1959.
“Las ideas se defienden con razones. No con las armas. Soy un amante de la democracia.” Fidel Castro, 7 de enero de 1959.


“We have no doubt that in a few years Cuba will have the best cattle in the world. We have no competition and we’ll be the most important exporters of meat in the world and we’ll be top exporters of tropical products, of coffee, plantain and pineapple.” Fidel Castro, February 1, 1968.
“Nuestra ganadería se desarrolla y no tenemos dudas de que será en el curso de pocos años una de las mejores ganaderías del mundo, porque nosotros no tenemos competencia de ninguna clase, pero, además, seremos productores importantes de carne para los mercados del mundo, en cantidad y en calidad, y seremos productores importantes de cultivos tropicales, y entre los cítricos nos colocaremos entre los primeros países del mundo, y lo mismo ocurrirá con el café y con el plátano fruta y con la piña.” Fidel Castro, 1 de febrero de 1968.

“Cuba’s agriculture will be developed by 1970 and we’ll emphasize other basic industries such as cement and electricity among others, between 1970 and 1980 we’ll construct plants that service agriculture and modern societies.” Fidel Castro, February 1, 1968.
“Y ya en el campo de la economía, nuestra agricultura estará considerablemente desarrollada para 1970, y se pondrá el énfasis fundamental del país no sólo en las industrias básicas —como cemento, electricidad y otras—, sino que ya la década de 1970 a 1980 será la década de las instalaciones industriales, tanto para elaborar los productos de una agricultura desarrollada como para atender todas las necesidades de una sociedad moderna y en avance”. Fidel Castro, 1 de febrero de 1968.

“In a short period of time, Cuba will become an oil exporting country.” Fidel Castro, June 18, 2008.
“Cuba, en un breve tiempo se convertirá en un país exportador de petróleo.” Fidel Castro, 18 de junio de 2008.

“Dengue fever has been eradicated in Cuba.” Fidel Castro, March 2002.
“El virus del dengue ha sido erradicado en Cuba”. Fidel Castro, marzo 2002.

“No one has ever been tortured in a revolutionary jail.” Fidel Castro, March 2010.
“Jamás se ha torturado a nadie en una cárcel revolucionaria”. Fidel Castro, marzo de 2010.

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4 thoughts on “A refresher course on Cuba: The lies of Fidel Castro”

  1. “History will absolve me” …

    Sadly it looks like he was right. What an insane world where this psychopath is let off the hook and now his brother is handed a victory.

  2. “The 26 of July Movement has never spoken about socializing or nationalizing industries in Cuba,” Fidel Castro, May 1958. This is related to something very important but frequently ignored or downplayed. Before they reached power, Fidel and his people focused squarely on the Batista dictatorship as the reason for their rebellion, meaning they only talked about eradicating a POLITICAL problem. They did NOT talk about any kind of socioeconomic revolution, for the very good reason that the Cuban people were not seeking that or thinking in those terms. Of course, once in power, with Batista out of the picture and no longer an issue, the Castro crowd changed its tune, ever more radically as their power and control increased. In other words, the “revolution” did NOT turn out as advertised, and the Cuban people were the victims of a classic bait-and-switch, or “gato por liebre.”

    And btw, these are only some of the most prominent lies; there have been countless others, but those who don’t care about these would hardly care about the rest.

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